Who are the top 10 California car insurance companies?

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In a nutshell...
  • If you live in California, you have a variety of car insurance companies to choose from
  • It’s important to companies insurance provides before making a final decision
  • In addition to the top 10, there are also several specialized insurance companies in California

California residents have a wealth of car insurance companies to choose from with over 150 licensed car insurance companies in the State however who are the top providers by market share?

When searching for a car insurance company, it’s common to ask who the top 10 car insurance companies, especially since these car insurers usually have a strong market, solid customer service reputation, and financial stability.

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Who are the top 10 car insurance companies?

Finding the right type of car insurance is important. But who really is the best in sunny California?

The following 10 companies made the cut this year:

While it’s completely logical to want a top 10 car insurance company as an insurance provider, always remember there are many providers who specialize only in select regions of California as well.

Many specialized car insurance companies also exist such as Hagerty Group (for collector cars) and unique programs backed by top-rated insurance companies (the Travelers Hybrid car insurance program), which may be more suitable for your needs.

Choosing a car insurance company should never be solely based on the fact that it’s on the top 10 list.

However, it’s a certainly a good list of companies to start comparing car insurance quotes from.

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What are the most important factors to look for in a car insurance company in California?

Anytime you start comparing car insurance quotes, it’s important to remember car insurance premiums are only one factor in the equation.

Never simply choose a provider for the lowest car insurance quotes.

There are numerous California car insurance companies who are financially stable and provide quality claims handling, but sometimes even a little item (like online account management) may not be up to speed with some of the big brand names.

Try to find a California car insurer who has everything you need as a policyholder such as:

  • Fast Claims Handling
  • Superior Reputation
  • High Levels of Coverage
  • 24/7 Customer service Hours
  • Toll-free number
  • Online account management

Again, there are many California car insurance companies to choose from, so do your homework and find one who offers the coverage and service you need.

What if I cannot afford California car insurance?

You might want to contact The California Low-Cost Auto Insurance Program (also known as CLCA) about your auto insurance programs.

While you will have to meet certain requirements to qualify the program was specifically designed to assist low-income residents to obtain auto insurance.

The levels of coverage will be lower then state minimum requirements however if approved for this program you will be still in compliance with the law and have some form of car insurance.

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