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In a nutshell...
  • Minimum car insurance requirements and regulation is done by The Maryland Insurance Administration
  • When it comes to car insurance, Maryland is a no-fault state
  • Maryland requires specific insurance coverage, including liability and PIP

Car insurance in Maryland operates under a set of no-fault car insurance laws and drivers are required to obtain both liability and personal injury protection insurance for any car registered in the state.

Minimum car insurance requirements are regulated by The Maryland Insurance Administration.

However, any law enforcement official and/or the Department of Motor Vehicles can issue citations, suspend your drivers’ license and/or vehicle registration tags if you fail to comply with these laws.

While car insurance laws in Maryland require all drivers to have minimum levels of liability auto insurance these requirements are still extremely low in terms of how much potential liability exposure you could have in the event of an accident.

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Maryland Car Insurance Requirements

Maryland has no-fault car insurance laws, which means there is no determination of guilt or “who was at fault” in a car accident.

This helps protect drivers from car accident lawyers who like to sue for every sore neck and also expedite handling of your car insurance claim as your car insurance company is obligated to pay your damages and vice-versa for the other driver.

No-fault car insurance laws are not a replacement for waiving all liability, however.

In Maryland (or any other state) you can still get sued no matter what car insurance laws are in place if the damages exceed the amount of your policy coverage.

Take a look at Maryland’s minimum car insurance requirements:

  • $20,000 liability coverage per person per accident
  • $40,000 liability insurance for all persons per accident
  • $15,000 property damage
  • Personal Injury Protection

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Do you think if you hit a vehicle and a passenger has to undergo medical surgery $20,000 will cover the cost?

Probably not, especially given the cost of health care and emergency room expenses today and anything over $20,000 you are on the hook for.

Most Maryland drivers opt for much higher limits of coverage (exceeding $100,000 for many) and only incur a small premium increase.

There are also exceptions to litigation in no-fault car insurance states if the accident was due to extreme negligence (such as excessive speeding or a purely intentional act) where you can and most likely will be sued.

Before choosing any car insurance policy you really need to understand all the types of auto insurance :

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