Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Car insurance is a critical asset in today’s world, but it doesn’t mean you have to overpay for coverage. One of the best ways to find cheap car insurance quotes is simply by starting your car insurance quotes comparison search online.

A vast number of car insurance companies offer coverage and advertise low rates but sometimes you need help navigating the marketplace to find the best car insurance rates, and we can help.

All states have some form of mandatory minimum car insurance requirements but many times these limits are far lower than what you really need.

It’s important to learn about the types of coverage, policy deductibles, policy limits, and car insurance discounts available. Ready to learn more — check out our guide to cheap car insurance here.

Who has the cheapest car insurance rates?

This will ultimately depend on your unique profile as every application for car insurance is different and car insurance companies determine risk using internal formulas which vary from one provider to another.

Just take a look at average annual rates for these major insurers by coverage level.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates by Coverage Level
CompanyAverage Annual Rates for High Level CoverageAverage Annual Rates for Medium Level CoverageAverage Annual Rates for Low Level Coverage
State Farm$3,454.80$3,269.80$3,055.40
American Family$3,416.40$3,544.37$3,368.49
Liberty Mutual$6,356.04$6,058.57$5,805.75

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What we can say is that the only way to know if you are getting the best rates is to compare. Otherwise, how would you know if the first quote was the best?

Why compare car insurance quotes online?

Anytime you decide to purchase an item it is critical to compare potential providers and car insurance is no different. In fact, it’s almost crucial you do some kind of car insurance comparison search before choosing an insurance provider since so many details can change from one policy offering to the next.

How would you feel if in the event of an accident your car insurance policy did not provide enough coverage? Choosing a policy simply because the premiums are cheap could result in unnecessary financial risk.

We’re sure you’ve heard horror stories of claims being denied or just getting a bad customer service rep on the phone. Before making a decision, make sure you check the ratings for different insurers.

Places like AM Best rate the financial strength of a company, and looking at the size and loss ratios of a company can help you get a better idea of their financial strength and ability to pay out your claim.

Financial Strength and AM Best Ratings for the Top U.S. Car Insurance Companies
Car Insurance CompanyA.M. Best RatingsDirect Premiums Written (in Billions)Market Shares (in Percent)Loss Ratios (in Percent)
AllstateA+ (Superior)$22.7 (↑)9.19 (↓)56 (↓)
American FamilyA (Excellent)$4.7 (↑)1.9 (↑)69 (~)
FarmersA (Excellent)$10.5 (↑)4.26 (↓)61 (~)
GeicoA++ (Superior)$33.1 (↑)13.41 (↑)71 (~)
Liberty MutualA (Excellent)$11.8 (↑)4.77 (↓)62 (~)
NationwideA+ (Superior)$6.7 (↓)2.73 (↓)58 (↓)
ProgressiveA+ (Superior)$27.1 (↑)10.97 (↑)62 (~)
State FarmA++ (Superior)$41.9 (↑)17.01 (↓)63 (↓)
TravelersA++ (Superior)$4.7 (↑)1.9 (↑)60 (~)
USAA (Military & Family Members)A++ (Superior)$14.5 (↑)5.87 (↑)77 (~)

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Then you can take a look at ratings from JD Power to see how they do on customer satisfaction. JD Power is a big deal in the insurance industry, and insurers tend to brag if they win one of these awards, so it’s not hard to find.

But that doesn’t mean you want to pay more than you should! That’s why it’s so important to compare rates. You want to have enough coverage while not paying an arm and a leg for it.

Each insurer has a unique formula for determining rates for you as a driver. It really is amazing how much one person’s rates can change with the same driver profile. Some things that can and do affect your car insurance rates include:

You can see an example of this below which compares rates by demographic and company.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates by Age, Gender, and Marital Status
CompanyAverage Annual Rates for a Single 17-Year-Old FemaleAverage Annual Rates for a Single 17-Year-Old MaleAverage Annual Rates for a Single 25-Year-Old FemaleAverage Annual Rates for a Single 25-Year-Old MaleAverage Annual Rates for a Married 35-Year-Old FemaleAverage Annual Rates for a Married 35-Year-Old MaleAverage Annual Rates for a Married 60-Year-Old FemaleAverage Annual Rates for a Married 60-Year-Old Male
State Farm$5,953.88$7,324.34$2,335.96$2,554.56$2,081.72$2,081.72$1,873.89$1,873.89
American Family$5,996.50$8,130.50$2,288.65$2,694.72$2,202.70$2,224.31$1,992.92$2,014.38
Liberty Mutual$11,621.01$13,718.69$3,959.67$4,503.13$3,802.77$3,856.84$3,445.00$3,680.53

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If you’re a 17-year-old male driver, you could pay more than double with Liberty Mutual than with Geico, just to give an example. You can save a lot of money even with top-rated insurers just by comparing quotes.

Starting your car insurance quotes comparison online allows you access to a wealth of information which you can use to help find the best coverage without being pressured by an insurance agent or broker.

Take your time and browse through our site. You can compare car insurance companies, read answers to common questions, and even compare your policy options side-by-side.

Then when you’re ready to look for car insurance coverage simply enter your ZIP code to get connected with car insurance providers nationwide.