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What is Cheap Car Insurance?

Cheap car insurance has a different definition depending on who you speak with. For some drivers cheap car insurance is simply defined as the policy with the lowest rates while others compare quotes and try to make an educated comparison between coverage options taking the one which has a combination of good coverage and low premiums. In fairness this method is more appropriately called the cheapest car insurance option.

The words cheap car insurance are often misleading because one  thing you don’t want to be when it comes to obtaining car insurance coverage is cheap. You will want low car insurance rates but car insurance is not just simply about premiums. Finding the right auto insurance coverage means a balancing act of how much you can afford and how much coverage you need. There is no worse feeling than purchasing a “cheap car insurance policy” based solely on the premiums only to find out you have no coverage in an accident or limits so small you end up being personally liable for thousands of dollars in damage.

As a wise consumer you need to think of shopping for cheap car insurance as simply a challenge to get the best rates you can. If GEICO is charging $200 a month while Nationwide is charging $180 for the same amount of coverage and the two car insurance companies are of equal reputation in your opinion than the $180 option is the cheap auto insurance coverage you are looking for.

How to avoid Pitfalls of Cheap Car Insurance Quotes?

Always read about the types of coverage being offered whenever you get a car insurance quote. Many times when you receive a really cheap car insurance quote the policy offered contains absolutely bare minimum state requirements which are really only basic policy limits to assist in minor accidents and this coverage will only extend to others. In short, if your auto insurance quote is only providing you with minimum coverage as required by law then you probably DO NOT have coverage for insured or damages sustained to you or your vehicle (just others).

What are the most important elements of Car Insurance to Compare?

While car insurance premiums are based on internal risk formulas there are many things you can compare to make sure any potential policy has enough coverage for you and your family. Some of the most important things to compare in a car insurance policy are:

  • Types of Coverage
  • Policy Limits of Coverage
  • Amount of Deductible
  • Policy Exclusions

If you really want to find the best auto insurance rates than auto insurance comparison will be the best way to avoid getting jacked. While many auto insurers advertise cheap auto insurance quotes a good comparison of any potential policies can make the coverage is the same and the reason for cheaper premiums is not due to lesser coverage. Car insurance comparison is widely popular online and a wealth of resources exist to help educate drivers about auto insurance coverage which can help you save money now and for your next car.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save