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Car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles registered in Arizona with minimum levels of liability insurance required by the Arizona Department of Insurance. Drivers must show proof of insurance before vehicle tags are issued and maintain a policy conforming to at least minimum Arizona car insurance laws at all times.

Arizona Car Insurance Laws

Arizona drivers must carry liability insurance for any registered vehicle. In 2010 minimum Arizona car insurance laws require all drivers to carry car insurance overage with at least the following levels of liability insurance:

  • $15,000 liability insurance for accidents with one injured person
  • $30,000 combined liability insurance for accidents with 2 or more injured persons
  • $10,000 of property damage liability coverage

Are Arizona Minimum Car Insurance Laws enough coverage?

No. Not only does Arizona operate under tort laws where drivers can be sued for even minor accidents but the minimum levels of liability insurance required expose drivers to substantial risk of personal liability. With the high cost of medical expenses and aggressive car accident attorneys its important to have sufficient coverage in place. Many Arizona drivers opt for much higher limits of liability insurance exceeding $100,000.

Is Liability Insurance all I need?

No. Arizona minimum car insurance requirement are just minimums to help provide a safer environment for Arizona drivers. Liability insurance only covers damage other people sustain. Any injuries incurred in an accident where you are at-fault will not be covered if you only have liability insurance. Its critical to learn about comprehensive and collision coverage before purchasing any car insurance policy. While securing coverage which just meets Arizona laws will prevent a ticket it is almost the equivalent of having no insurance for any accident bigger than a fender bender.

How much is Arizona Car Insurance?

Arizona car insurance rates are some of the lowest in the nation. Drivers average just over $1,150 annually in premiums which is over 20% lower than the national average of $1,430 according to a report published by in 2010.

Your exact premiums however will depend on the overall risk profile of your application. Some of the most important elements of any car insurance application include:

  • Type of Vehicle Insured
  • Your Driving Record
  • Your Credit Score
  • Type of Coverage

These are just 4 of over 100 variables which influence car insurance rates but car insurance in Arizona is generally lower than many other states for most drivers.

Who is the best Arizona Car Insurance Company?

Arizona drivers have a wealth of car insurance companies to choose from including Progressive, Esurance, Allstate, Geico and many more. The best Arizona car insurance company really depends on your unique needs and its impossible to declare one provider better than the other for all people. The most popular way to search for the best auto insurance rates is through a car insurance comparison search online.

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