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Things to know...
  • Even when operating your personal vehicle, your driving will be carefully scrutinized because you hold that CDL
  • Just holding a CDL will not necessarily affect insurance rates
  • Consider purchasing high liability and medical payment coverages on personal auto insurance to protect property not protected by laws in your state
  • Take ample time to research

Obtaining a CDL is no easy endeavor, but you’ve finally made it! You now hold a Commercial Driver’s License issued by your state of residence, in compliance with Federal regulations, and are set to hit the road.

You’ve studied long and hard, passed all written and practical tests, and have learned what you need for your commercial vehicle.

That is to say, you’ve learned about the types of insurance you will need on that rig you will be driving for a living.

However, what about your personal automobile? Will having that CDL affect the type and price of coverage you need for your car or pickup?

That is only one of the questions new truckers ask, so perhaps you’d like to know a few key facts about personal auto insurance for truck drivers.

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The Importance of Your Driving Record


Having a clean driving record will get you far, both personally as well as professionally, in terms of the cost and coverage of auto insurance.

While you can always compare rates between insurance providers, the one consistency is that a safe driving record, no matter what state you live in, will be reflected in the cost of coverage.

Even what you consider to be a small infraction in your state can be huge with an insurance provider. It’s all about risk, and if that infraction increases the risk they are being asked to insure, your premiums will rise accordingly.

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Will you get special rates on personal auto insurance because you hold a CDL?

You might imagine that you now qualify for cheaper insurance because you have passed state and federal driving tests, both written and practical. Unfortunately, this really isn’t going to be the case.

Once again, your driving record will have a significant impact on rates, but there are other factors to consider as well. These factors include:

  • Where you live
  • Age and gender
  • Type of auto being insured
  • Amount of time and distances you drive
  • Multi-vehicle coverage
  • Deductibles and total coverage
  • Credit ratings

And, these are just some of the factors affecting rates you may be quoted.

Simply put, you will not necessarily qualify for cheaper insurance rates just because you hold what is considered to be a professional license.

Some insurance providers may offer a slight discount if you hold a CDL, but it varies from company to company.

Consider Higher Liability Limits on Personal Auto Policies


There is something else you may also wish to consider when choosing liability limits on your personal vehicles. While this won’t apply to all professional truckers, it may have a significant impact on those who own their own rigs but drive for companies they don’t personally own.

If you should be involved in an at-fault accident in your personal vehicle, and the amount of damage is greater than your liability or medical coverage limits, you can be held personally responsible for the difference.

Can a court of law require that you liquidate personal assets to cover those losses? This answer could get tricky if your rig is not considered company/corporate property.

You may wish to opt for umbrella liability coverage that pays amounts greater than what your personal auto insurance covers. Most insurance companies offer this coverage, so take the time to check availability and cost when comparing rates.

Research and Customer Feedback Is Critical

While this information is by no means exhaustive on auto insurance for truck drivers, it should at least impress upon you the importance of doing the legwork. It is vital that you:

  • Maintain a safe driving record.
  • Understand driving laws in your state.
  • Consider higher limits on personal auto insurance coverage.
  • Carefully weigh cost against coverage – protection is of ultimate importance.

You may also wish to join a few truckers’ forums to see what others are saying in terms of cost, service, and reliability within insurers they have dealt with.

Sometimes, the answer you seek when shopping for auto insurance can be found by learning from the experiences of others.

Compare free quotes and weigh your coverage options with your budget. While you may wind up paying slightly more for the highest quality protection, your safety and financial security are far more valuable than a few extra bucks in the bank.

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