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Virginia car insurance laws require all drivers to obtain minimum levels of liability insurance however Virginia is also unique in the sense it allows vehicle owners an option to opt out of having to comply with minimum car insurance requirements by paying a $500 fee to the Virginia DMV. While there is absolutely no benefit for this to most drivers its certainly a unique option not seen in any other state. It also wins the dumbest car insurance law on record in our books.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Virginia

Auto insurance is mandatory for all vehicles registered in Virginia and the state operates under tort law for damages / injuries resulting from a car accident. If you just purchase the minimum levels of coverage there is a high probability you will be exposed to personal liability. According to the Virginia DMV all drivers must carry at least (in 2010) the following minimum levels of liability auto insurance:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per accident (per person)
  • $50,000 combined bodily injury liability per accident (all persons)
  • $20,000 in property damage liability insurance

Virginia drivers can opt out of having to purchase any auto insurance and “drive at their own risk” however operating any vehicle without car insurance is a pretty risky move. It’s not uncommon for even a minor accident to build up well over $10,000 in medical costs and then there is the loss of income, emotional distress and practically any other claim a car accident attorney can conjure up. While $500 may seem like a reasonable way to save $2,000 annually on car insurance premiums you need to look at the potential big picture and realize many of your personal assets are just one car accident away from being subject to claim without sufficient auto insurance.

Minimum car insurance requirements in Virginia certainly do not offer much more coverage than having no auto insurance since liability insurance only covers damages to other people (not any damage to your vehicle) but at least it does offer some form of coverage for most minor accidents. Most Virginia drivers opt for additional coverage with limits well above state minimum requirements. In fact, having a policy with over $100,000 in coverage along with comprehensive and collision coverage is still very affordable for almost all drivers. You should never focus on just purchasing the bare minimum state requirements.

Virginia Car Insurance Companies

While Virginia is certainly not one of the largest markets for car insurance in America it still has a healthy number of auto insurers who compete for your business. Almost all of the national brands including Geico, State Farm and Progressive offer coverage in Virginia so finding a reputable car insurer will be easy. Average car insurance rates in Virginia fall in the lower half of national average premiums with drivers paying over 15% LESS than national average premiums but there are still many ways to save more money. Most Virginia drivers opt for a car insurance comparison search and can easily find another provider who may be able to save $100’s of dollars a year in premiums by simply offering a different set of discounts or calculating your risk as a driver differently. Before securing any car insurance policy in Virginia make sure to compare as many auto insurance companies as you can. The best rates can only come with comparison shopping.

Virginia Car Insurance Quotes

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