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Car insurance for young drivers can be very expensive but there are ways to find cheap car insurance for teenage drivers. However before starting any kind of car insurance comparison search young drivers really need to pay attention to how car insurance works. Obtaining a drivers license is a big accomplishment and certainly one of the pinnacles of independence for young people but the privilege of driving also comes with a lot of responsibility. Understanding how car insurance works will play a critical role in helping you understand the financial responsibility of this privilege.

How much is car insurance for young drivers?

For many young drivers its all about the cost of insurance but what new drivers should know is that car insurance is not measured solely by cost but by the details of coverage. Up until now your parents have probably paid everything and you trust the government to apply law which makes sense however auto insurance laws are made to protect the public and not your personal property. Most states only require liability insurance which never pays for any damage to your vehicle or medical expenses for your injuries so it’s important to understand the types of coverage. Any new driver would be smart to start with learning about car insurance well before obtaining a policy or purchasing a vehicle. Some of the most important topics are:

Auto insurance is not very complicated but there are a lot of components. Not every policy comes with all the coverage you need and not every provider has the same quality reputation. Think about shopping for a new phone or computer. The same amount of research should be done when looking for a car insurance company.

What types of Car Insurance Discounts are available?

Although car insurance for young drivers is often expensive there are certainly are ways to lower premiums. The most common method to obtain affordable car insurance is when the teenage driver is added to a policy as an additional driver instead of being issued a policy as a primary driver. In both cases however young drivers can usually take advantage of many discounts such as:

  • Good Grades Discount: Students with a B average or 3.0 GPA may qualify for discounts
  • Defensive Driving Course: It’s always highly recommended for any young driver to take some form of defensive driving course and some of these may even save you money on car insurance

Other discounts are available but vary from one provider to another. It’s very important to compare car insurance companies as (any parent can attest) you certainly want to have the right coverage in place for any new driver.

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