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Cheap car insurance is certainly a worthy goal however who has cheap car insurance and what exactly is cheap auto insurance?

  • Are you searching for the cheapest car insurance rates?
  • Do you just need the minimum amount of coverage required by law?
  • Do you just want essential coverage?
  • Does it matter who the insurance company is?
  • Do you want coverage for damages to your vehicle?

There are many questions to ask when shopping for car insurance and premiums will play a big role for many drivers in choosing an auto insurance provider. However you never want to sacrifice coverage with cost – only a combination of low premiums and sufficient coverage will help you maximize the benefit of your auto insurance policy in the event of a claim.

Who are the top car insurance companies?

This is easy enough to answer on a national level as the top 10 car insurance companies dominate the industry with over a 68% market share. The top 10 car insurance companies include Geico, State Farm, Progressive, Allstate and other familiar brands but there are literally over 100 auto insurance companies licensed in most states so you have a wealth of providers to choose from.

The top 10 auto insurers certainly all provide sufficient coverage but some drivers also report many of the top insurers have higher premiums than other companies. With Geico’s $800 million advertising budget its not had to comprehend you may pay more with a national brand however you will also be backed by one of the financially solid insurers in the nation.

Auto insurance is a very regulated industry and one of the noteworthy points a lot of people don’t tell you is that there are many local or regional providers like PEMCO in Washington State or the CURE car insurance company in New Jersey who also provide good coverage at affordable rates but simply do not have the national recognition larger companies do.

If you are simply looking for the cheapest car insurance rates then all you need to do is compare car insurance quotes online and choose a policy which meets your coverage needs. However its essential to a choose an insurer who is able to pay a future claim. While most car accidents only involve minor damage what if you were at-fault and caused permanent injury or death to someone? Do you think your policy limits will cover medical costs or even a lawsuit for damages?

In today’s economy finding affordable car insurance is important to many consumers however its also important to minimize your exposure to personal liability, have enough coverage to cover damage to your vehicle and ensure a reliable company has your back in the event of a car accident.

Every car insurance company has some kind of cheap car insurance coverage – its just a matter of how cheap you want your premiums and coverage to be.

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