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Do you need car insurance with a DUI conviction, bad credit, poor driving record or any other factor which defines you as a high risk driver but have trouble obtaining auto insurance? There are still many ways to get cheap car insurance but you do have to spend time comparing car insurance companies.

Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers

The highest risk drivers are those who have been convicted of a DUI charge, reckless driving and/or are required to file a SR-22 form with the state. While many auto insurance companies will deny coverage to convicted drivers of high risk traffic offenses there are specialized car insurance companies who provide coverage. You certainly will not obtain the best car insurance rates around but there are still enough auto insurers to give you several options.

Companies like the General Auto Insurance and the Cure Car Insurance Company offer high risk auto insurance policies at affordable prices and some drivers even opt to contact the local State Department of Insurance for assistance through government programs which assist high risk drivers obtain insurance. Although you won’t have your choice of providers the state can force an insurance company to insure you in most circumstances.

Bad Credit Car Insurance

Having a bad credit score can really impact your ability to find affordable car insurance even if you have a good driving record. Car insurance companies use credit scores as part of the overall formula to predict your risk of filing a future claim and studies have shown that drivers with bad credit scores present a higher risk. While many of the well-known insurance companies put a lot of emphasis on credit others pay more attention to your overall profile. It’s very difficult to say who will deny you simply because of a bad credit score but if your profile is one of a good driver and free of moving violations you will probably find several options to choose from. Note that bad credit car insurance is more expensive so try to pay your bills on time!

If you prefer to purchase a no-credit check car insurance policy than your rates will be much higher than typical insurance rates and policy coverage could be reduced. While no credit check car insurance is certainly a valuable product (especially in this economy) never just assume your credit is not good enough to qualify for typical car insurance, especially if you have a good driving record.

Bad Drivers

For drivers with more than a single accident on their driving record and/or a history of moving traffic violations its probably time to admit that you pose a high risk to any insurance company. If you owned an auto insurance company would you want to insure these drivers? The answer is probably no but that doesn’t mean your have no options. Depending on your accident history (including who was at–fault and the amount of damages), how many tickets are on your driving record and how long ago any of these incidents happened you may still qualify for car insurance through many providers although without a good driver discount. The good driver discount can typically account for up to 20% or more in discounts off standard insurance rates so if you are lucky enough to obtain coverage don’t expect your insurance premiums to be anywhere near those advertised for good drivers.

High risk drivers who have trouble finding insurance because of their driving record simply need to consult those car insurance companies who offer non-standard coverage (Farmers Insurance and the General Car Insurance for example) and see what options are available. The state programs we mentioned above can also be tapped upon if all you receive are denial letters but, for most drivers, an accident or two does not prevent obtaining insurance through the voluntary market – it just takes a little more work to find an affordable policy through a reliable insurer.

Car insurance for convicted drivers, people with bad credit and those with a poor driving record is still accessible but the only way to find the cheapest car insurance quotes is to compare car insurance quotes from several providers. While the search for high risk auto insurance will take longer there almost always is some kind of solution available as long as you have a valid driver’s license and a credit card.

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