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Choosing the best car insurance policy is more than simply comparing car insurance premiums. Drivers need to find a balance between coverage, policy premiums and company reputation so its important to read reviews of car insurance companies and learn about auto insurance before securing a policy. While car insurance comparison is much less exciting than shopping for a new car its much more important the wheels you drive.

Car insurance premiums contribute to almost 5% of most American’s financial budget yet the majority of drivers do not understand the coverage purchased or how to save money on car insurance. Its common practice for many drivers to simply call up the same insurance agent anytime a new policy is needed without ever comparing rates online. The only way to get the best auto insurance rates is to (a) compare and (b) learn about the coverage itself.

How do you Compare Car Insurance Companies?

There are a couple steps every driver can take to learn about car insurers and their reputation in the marketplace.

Read Company Reviews

It’s a good idea to always learn about consumer experiences with individual car insurance companies. While a number of industry rating agencies publish car insurance reports grading companies on customer service, products and financial stability its almost important to learn first hand from consumers who have been insured with a company before. Now its equally important to remember that most drivers who enjoy a good experience never really post a review and considering opinions from policyholders who have never filed a claim should be given far less weight than reviews from consumers who have.

“Remember the greatest consumer review can only be provided by a policyholder has FILED a claim – anybody can write a check or vouch for how friendly an agent is”

Let’s face it – we are a society of people who fall prey to corporate marketing. So a cute Gecko or bubbly insurance agent will almost always get our attention and create some kind of positive feeling towards a car insurance company but its important not to fall prey to marketing when it comes to choosing a car insurance company for financial protection in the event of an accident. Learn about car insurance and compare auto insurance providers based on facts, not feelings.

What Factors should I base Car Insurance Reviews on?

When comparing car insurance company reviews take a look at the whole picture and leave premiums until you have a list of potential providers chosen. Some of the most important items of a car insurance policy include:

  • Types of Coverage
  • Policy Limits
  • Amount of Deductibles
  • Account Management Options
  • Claims Handling Process
  • Company Reputation

While car insurance reviews by drivers who have filed a claim can be held in high regard its critical to consider many intangible factors such as policy payment options, car insurance discounts, hours of operation, online account management and other factors important to you. Companies like Esurance have built incredible market share positions by having all their operations online – do you really need a local agent when a toll free number is available 24/7? Car insurance comparison can only be successfully when you compare apples to apples so take the time to learn about policy coverage and make a list of providers who suit your basic need before requesting quotes.

Read Car Insurance Reviews

Ready to read some car insurance reviews. Check out our list of car insurance companies nationwide and even compare FREE Car Insurance Quotes online with our national database here.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save