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Car insurance coverage: Don't be intimidated by it and do your researchWhat car insurance companies offer coverage in your area? This is a really common question since only a handful of car insurance companies really have any kind of national brand yet over 100 car insurance companies are licensed in most States.

Almost every driver has heard of GEICO, Allstate, State Farm or Progressive but what about smaller car insurance companies such as:

While many of the lesser known brands may not be familiar many of these are still HUGE companies with AAA ratings from car insurance industry rating agencies such as AM Best and J.D. Powers and Associates so its important to gather up a list of potential providers.

Some car insurance companies only advertise locally and many have shifted advertising dollars away from traditional media (such as TV and radio) so its very likely you can not list all the car insurance companies who provide coverage in your state and this why online car insurance comparison is critical.

In competitive industries like auto insurance the cost of car insurance can vary greatly so its best to compare as many quotes as you can. Sometimes the difference can be 50% or more depending simply on which company you choose. Click on a car insurance company below to read a review.

Car Insurance Company Reviews

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21st Century Insurance

21st Century is the 3rd largest insurance company for personal policies in America. Based in Los Angeles, California 21st Century was founded almost 100 years ago in 1928.  The company prides itself on customer service and providing exceptional value to its policyholders employing over 25,000 people, almost 50,000 independent agents and servicing over 20 million consumers from coast to cost.

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AAA Auto Insurance

America’s most well known company for Roadside Assistance has a variety of affordable auto insurance plans for AAA members. Car insurance is offered through regional divisions such as the AAA Automobile of Southern California or the AAA Club North.

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ACE Car Insurance

The ACE car insurance company was founded 25 years ago in 1985 and is one of the largest insurers in the world. ACE offers both standard auto insurance policies and custom lines of insurance for expensive items such as antiquities, stones and art. They also provide liability insurance to individuals for coverage against liability litigation.

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AIG Car Insurance

AIG is most likely the most well known insurance company globally after its near downfall in 2008. While AIG offers very affordable car insurance coverage all AIG auto insurance have been re-branded and sold under the 21st Century Insurance name.

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AIS Insurance Group (AIS)

AIS is a regional insurance company in the North East offering coverage to individuals and business throughout southeastern PA, DE and NJ. The company is known for comparing potential policy options from several insurers to ultimately provide consumers affordable coverage from financially stable providers.

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AIS Insurance (California)

The AIS insurance company in California is one of California’s leading car insurance companies with over 400,000 policyholders offering all types of vehicle insurance.

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Allianz Car Insurance Company

Allianz is the largest home and life insurer in Germany surpassing $100 Billion in revenue annually. American drivers can obtain an Allianz auto insurance policy by contacting the Fireman’s Fund. Alliance offers auto insurance for both private passenger vehicles and vintage cars.

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Allied Car Insurance

Allied Insurance is extremely well known to American consumers both under the Alliance brand and its network of independent insurance agents under the Nationwide brand. One of America’s largest insurers, Allied Insurance has a presence in 33 states and over 5,000 independent agents from coast to coast.

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Allstate Car Insurance

Allstate is # 2 on the list of the largest car insurance companies by market share in America and enjoys one of the highest reputations for customer service, claims handling and industry awards. Advertising under the slogan “You’re in Good Hands” and its obvious drivers tend to agree.

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American Family Car Insurance

The American Family Insurance Company was founded in 1927 by Herman Wittwer with a vision to earn a living selling car insurance to farmers in Wisconsin. The company has enjoyed tremendous growth since then expanding to most of America. Most drivers today know American Family Insurance by their catchy acronym AMFAM.

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Amica Car Insurance

Amica holds title to the oldest mutual car insurance company in the USA offering drivers auto insurance coverage for over a century. Well known for its fierce commitment to customer service the Amica Car Insurance company has won many high honors from rating agencies such as Standard and Poors and A.M. Best over the years.

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Arbella Mutual

Arbella Mutual is a regional insurance company servicing residents of New England and one of the few licensed car insurance companies in Massachusetts.

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Atlantic Master Plan Car Insurance

Atlantic Master Plan is a popular car insurance company which is now part of the ACE Insurance Group. Customers of Atlantic Master Plan have spoken highly of the company’s affordable policies and customer service.

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Auto Owners Car Insurance

The Auto Owners Car Insurance Company offers car insurance coverage in 26 states and has won many honors in the car insurance industry for customer service from A.M. Best and others. Based in Michigan and founded over 100 years ago in 1916 the Auto Owners Car Insurance Company is one of the oldest car insurers in America with well over 5,000 independent agents.

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Balboa Car Insurance

Balboa is owned by Bank of America and a very well known brand for financial companies in the home loan and automobile finance sectors. Balboa does also offer car insurance coverage for certain consumer profiles.

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California State Automobile Association – CSAA

CSAA is the northern California branch of AAA auto insurance and is one of the largest insurance companies in California offering auto, health, life insurance and more. A trusted part of the AAA family the California State Automobile Association is well known for its commitment to customer service and affordable car insurance coverage.

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CHUBB Car Insurance

CHUBB Car Insurance is a section of the CHUBB Group of Insurance Companies – one of America’s top corporations and a top 15 auto insurer. CHUBB car insurance policies are well known to be affordable and backed by the financial strength of the CHUBB insurance company.

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Commerce Insurance

Commerce Insurance is regiional insurnace company servicing rsidents of Massachusetts and New Hampshire and claims to be the leading provider of car and home insurance policies in the region.

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Comparison Market Car Insurance

Comparison Market is an auto insurance company who promotes the claim of being America’s leading online car insurance company enabling drivers to compare car insurance quotes from multiple insurers nationwide within a few minutes.

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Conseco Car Insurance

Conseco Insurance is well known for its commitment to customer service and financial strength. Conseco car insurance policies are offered through an arrangement with Amica, the oldest car insurance company in the USA.

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Country Financial Car Insurance

Founded almost 100 years ago the Country Financial Auto Insurance Corporation provides consumers a wide choice of insurance coverage options including car insurance, life, and homeowners throughout most of the 50 States.

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The Cure Auto Insurance Company

The Cure auto insurance company is an auto insurance provider in New Jersey who advertises next day coverage for drivers, no credit checks and credit card payment options

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Deerbrook Car Insurance

Part of the Allstate Family, Deerbrook Auto Insurance policies provide reliable coverage at affordable prices with a commitment to customer service. Drivers can find Deerbrook auto insurance coverage through independent auto insurance agents from coast to coast.

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Direct General Car Insurance

With over 400 offices in 13 States the Direct General Auto provides many types of automobile insurance for applicants of all profiles including high risk drivers. Direct General claims they have an affordable car insurance policy for almost any driver without worry about their driving record or credit history.

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Eastwood Car Insurance

The Eastwood Auto Insurance Co. primarily operates to serve high risk drivers in the car insurance market offering consumers with troubled driving records such as DUI convictions, multiple accidents, SRR-22 form requirements and other high risk drivers an opportunity to gain coverage with multiple payment options.

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Electric Car Insurance

The Electric Car Insurance Company was founded over 50 years ago to originally serve car insurance needs of GE employees but now is an underwriter for personal coverage including auto insurance, homeowners insurance and other types of coverage for both consumers with GE ties and anyone else.

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EMC Car Insurance

EMC Insurance Group provides auto insurance policies for drivers nationwide. Majority owned by Employers Mutual many drivers choose to insure with EMC Insurance Companies.

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Encompass Car Insurance

Encompass may not be as well known as GEICO or Allstate but with over 3,000 independent agents the company has a large market share of the auto insurance market with over 1.2 million policyholders and 1,700 employees.

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Erie Car Insurance

The Erie Car Insurance Company is a popular regional car insurance company providing coverage to consumers in 12 States. Established almost 100 years ago this regional car insurer is well known for its commitment to customer service.

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Esurance Car Insurance

One of the youngest car insurance companies in the nation but so is and Apple. Esurance was established in 1999 and offers coverage throughout 30 States however this auto insurance company was the first to engage a fully paperless auto insurance experience and is extremely popular. Esurance is home to one of the busiest car insurance websites online with over a million drivers visiting the every month.

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Farm Bureau Car Insurance

The Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Company offers automobile insurance to drivers in 15 States. Based in Iowa, the Farm Bureau was established almost 100 years ago and is committed to affordable car insurance rates backed by superior customer service.

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Farmers Car Insurance

The Farmers Car Insurance Company is one of America’s most respected brands in the car insurance industry securing a 6.4% market share of all car insurance policies nationwide. Built on the principles of affordable coverage with unmatched customer service millions of drivers are insured through Farmers.

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Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee

The Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee company is an AM Best A ++ rated insurance company providing life, home and auto insurance to consumers in Tennessee. With a 95% policy renewal rate and the #1 underwriter of life insurance policies in the state of Tennessee the Farm Bureau Insurance Company is highly respected for its commitment to customer service and claims handling.

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Firemans’ Fund Insurance

The Fireman’s Insurance company is one of Americas most trusted insurance brands and part of the Allianz Company. Fireman’s fund offers many types of insurance including specialized policies for almost any need.

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Franklin Car Insurance

The Franklin Car Insurance Company is a regional car insurance company for residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Although not a well known brand outside of these areas Franklin car insurance is one of the companies many NJ and PA residents insure with.

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GEICO Car Insurance

GEICO is owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Group and probably the most famous of all car insurance companies in America. Home to the Gecko, Caveman commercials and the largest advertising budget in the car insurance industry GEICO is currently ranked as the # 3 car insurer in America with over an 8.0% market share nationwide.

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GMAC Car Insurance

GMAC car insurance provides a wide variety of auto insurance policies for both customers of the GM family and other drivers. Backed by the financial stability of the GM Corporation GMAC car insurance is a popular insurer in many parts of the nation.

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Hagerty Car Insurance

The Hagerty Auto Insurance Company is the largest specialized car insurance company in the world for vintage, classic and antique cars. Many of the worlds finest automobiles are covered by the Hagerty Car Insurance Company.

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Hanover Car Insurance

The Hanover Insurance Group is a public corporation employing over 6,000 employees and independent agents who offer both personal and commercial lines of insurance nationwide.

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Hastings Mutual Car Insurance

Hastings Mutual Insurance company is one of America’s oldest insurers (est. 1885) and currently provides many lines of insurance to consumers in the Mid-West.

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Infinity Car Insurance Company

The Infinity Car Insurance Company is a national insurance company of personal car insurance policies including both traditional private passenger insurance and coverage for collector, classic and vintage automobiles.

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Kemper Car Insurance

Part of the Unitrin Family since 2002 The Kemper Car Insurance Company services the personal insurance needs for over 700,000 consumers nationwide.

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Kentucky Farm Bureau Car Insurance

Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance is a regional insurance company focusing solely on the Kentucky marketplace and is currently (2010) the largest property and casualty insurer in the State.

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Liberty Mutual Car Insurance

Almost 100 years old, the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is one of the most respected and trusted brands for insurance globally.  Liberty Mutual is a top 10 car insurance company servicing 4.4% of all policies in America.

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Mercer Insurance Group

Established in 1844 the Mercer Insurance Group offers insurance coverage through over 500 independent insurance agents in 7 Northeastern States and one of America’s oldest insurers.

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Mercury Car Insurance

The Mercury Auto Insurance Company has been offering a variety of personal insurance lines to California consumers for almost 50 years. Known as the leading California Insurer, Mercury Insurance Group focuses primarily on auto and homeowners insurance coverage.

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National Motor Club Car Insurance

A membership club similar to AAA, The National Motor Club provides its members with many auto related discounts including reduced car insurance rates, roadside assistance and more.

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Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Auto Insurance commands almost 5% of the US market for auto insurance and is a top 10 car insurance company providing coverage to millions of consumers for car, homeowners and life insurance. Established almost 90 years ago Nationwide now has over $140 billion in assets.

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Newport Car Insurance

Newport Car Insurance offers car insurance policies with affordable rates for drivers of almost backgrounds through various independent insurance agencies.

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PEMCO Car Insurance

PEMCO is one of the most popular car insurance companies in the State of Washington. Focused primarily only on WA residents PEMCO is trusted by many as the insurance company of choice in Washington State.

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Praetorian Insurance Company

The Praetorian Insurance Company was purchased by QBE in 2007 and serves the specialized insurance market for policyholders who desire custom car insurance coverage.

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Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive is the 4th largest car insurance company in America with a 7.5% market share and famous for its Progressive Girl commercials. Established almost 75 years ago the Progressive Car Insurance Company enjoys the claim of providing the first drive-in claims office in the insurance industry.

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QBE Car Insurance

The QBE Car Insurance Company is part of QBE, one of Australia’s oldest insurance companies. QBE auto was recently introduced to the US market place and QBE is quickly securing market share nationwide.

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Safeco Car Insurance

Backed by the power of the Liberty Mutual Group, the Safeco Car Insurance Company is a well established auto insurance provider serving millions of consumers nationwide. With over 3,000 employees and strong market position in most USA markets SAFECO is a very popular auto insurance company.

Read a Safeco Car Insurance Review

Sentry Car Insurance

Over a million consumers trust their car insurance needs to the Sentry Auto Insurance Company. Established in 1904 to serve Wisconsin residents Sentry is now a national brand and one of the largest car insurance companies in the nation.

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State Farm Car Insurance

75 million customers. State Farm is the king of auto insurance dominating the US car insurance market with almost a 20% market share and the #1 car insurance company by almost twice the size of its largest competitor Allstate.

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The General Car Insurance

The General Car Insurance is well known for its Army General ads with a primary focus on providing car insurance to high risk drivers. From a DUI conviction to a dangerous driving record the General Car Insurance Company claims to have an auto insurance policy for almost every driver.

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The Hartford Car Insurance

Holding title to the “Oldest Car Insurance Company in America”, The Hartford Auto Insurance Company was established in 1810 and is currently one of the most trusted brands for car insurance. the Hartford Company is also home to a “No-Drop Policy” for existing auto insurance policyholders.

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Travelers Car Insurance

When consumers think of insurance the Travelers red umbrella is probably the world’s most famous logo. Travelers is internationally respected as an insurance company for almost all personal and commercial needs.

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Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance

The Unitrin Direct is a national car insurance agency servicing over 6 million consumers from coast to coast.

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USAA Car Insurance

USAA is a car insurance company servicing insurance needs for members of the armed force nationwide. USAA is part of the Hartford Group and home to millions of policy holders.

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Western National Car Insurance

Western National is one of the largest car insurance companies in America’s Midwestern States. Established over 100 years ago originally as a fire insurance company for commercial properties in Minnesota, Western National now serves a large piece of the car insurance market in their selective markets

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