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Things to know...
  • Golf carts don’t require the same insurance as the coverage that you must purchase for your car or truck
  • In states where golf carts are permitted to be driven on public roads, you may be required to carry insurance
  • If the golf cart is only able to go 15 miles per hour, you may have enough coverage under your home insurance
  • Your home insurance liability coverage will cover claims if you injure someone or damage property in the golf cart
  • If you have a speed-modified golf cart, it needs a special Low-Speed Vehicle auto insurance policy

Golf carts aren’t just something that golf enthusiasts own. While these motorized carts are typically used on golf courses, they can also be maneuvered through neighborhoods and large resorts even when the owner has no intention of ever investing in golf clubs.

As a useful form of transportation in smaller communities, it’s important for anyone who is going to buy a cart to price the cost of insurance on it.

Insurance can work in mysterious ways. For the average consumer, it’s odd to learn that a home insurance policy may be enough to cover them while riding their golf carts.

Since the golf cart is more of a motorized car than it is any type of fixed property, the thought of it being covered under the home policy coverage can be surprising.

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Before ever assuming that you’re covered, you must know how golf cart coverage works:

Are you required by law to purchase golf cart insurance?


State law dictates who is required to buy insurance and how much insurance they are required to purchase.

When it comes to buying a car, every vehicle owner will have to maintain insurance on their car.

You have to have mandatory insurance when the vehicle is required to be registered. The rules work a bit differently with golf carts.

Whether or not you have to buy auto insurance on your golf cart depends on if it needs to be registered before it’s operated. Not all golf carts have to be registered. The rules surrounding registering carts and insuring them will vary from state to state.

Typically, you only need to register your golf cart if it fits the state’s definition of a Low-Speed Vehicle. The standard golf cart won’t meet this definition but carts with motorized engines may.

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These carts are treated similarly to ATVs, which have to also have a Low-Speed Vehicle registration. Here are state laws concerning golf carts used on public roads:

  • Arizona – Golf carts are treated as motor vehicles when they are driven on public roads so they have to be titled, registered, and insured.
  • Arkansas – No registration is required for golf carts when they are authorized to be driven on public streets.
  • California – Golf carts modified to go faster than 15 mph will be classified as a regular motor vehicle and they must be registered and insured.
  • Connecticut – The DMV will not register golf carts.
  • Delaware – Golf carts do not need to be insured by law or registered and cannot be operated on public roads.
  • Florida – When a golf cart is modified to go faster than 20 mph, it must be titled as a Low-Speed Vehicle and insured.
  • Hawaii – Golf carts can’t be licensed or issued tags so they should not be driven on public roads.
  • Idaho – Golf carts are exempt from registration rules if they are being operated by a disabled driver.
  • Iowa – Golf carts aren’t subject to any registration provisions.
  • Maine – Golf carts may be registered for four dollars per year and they may be operated on public streets with speed limits of 35 mph or less
  • Maryland – No requirement to register or insure golf carts or other off-road vehicles.
  • Massachusetts – No registration is required but all owners must carry liability insurance on their golf carts.
  • Michigan – Golf carts must pass a “Road-Ready Inspection” and must be insured before being registered.
  • Montana – Golf carts are exempt from titling, registration, and compulsory insurance provisions.
  • Nevada – You must have a permit and insurance to operate your golf cart as a mode of general transportation.
  • New Mexico – Golf carts the fit the definition of motorized vehicle must be licensed, registered, and insured.
  • Ohio – Rules for insurance apply to anyone driving a golf cart on a public road.
  • Pennsylvania – Golf carts are exempt from registration laws.
  • South Carolina – Drivers must present a permit and proof of mandatory auto insurance.
  • Tennessee – Golf carts must be modified to go over 20 mph before they can be registered as Low-Speed Vehicles and driven on public roads.

How are you covered under your property insurance?


If you have homeowners or a renter’s insurance policy, you do have some coverage while you’re driving your golf cart. While there is some coverage, there are a lot of limits to how much you’re actually covered.

Only basic usage, similar to the usage of a riding lawn mower, would actually be covered.

If you’re riding your golf cart around your property to drop off heavy items in the shed or you’re at a company golf competition and you run over someone’s foot, these forms of usage would be covered under your home policy.

It’s when you use the cart on public roads or you have it modified to do speeds faster than 15 mph that you should start considering golf cart insurance and golf cart endorsements.

– What is a golf cart endorsement?

If you don’t want a separate policy but you want more coverage than the standard home policy affords, you could add a golf cart endorsement to your property policy for a nominal fee.

You’ll have liability protection if someone other than your household members is injured.

The endorsement also insures the third-party property. Only the following exclusions apply:

  • Cart used to carry people for money
  • Cart used for business purposes
  • Carts driven in races
  • Carts rented to others
  • Carts operated by an unlicensed driver
  • Carts driven outside of golf courses or limited access communities

Getting Golf Cart Insurance


When you buy your own golf cart insurance, you don’t have to worry about all of the property insurance restrictions. You’ll need an endorsed auto insurance policy that is designed specifically to cover ATVs and other Low-Speed Vehicles.

These policies are sold just like other car insurance policies and include at least liability coverage and physical damage coverage if you’d like it.

You should read through all of the policy exclusions and conditions before you ever decide which type of insurance is right for you. If you’d like the protection that won’t affect your home policy in the future, buy a standalone golf cart insurance plan.

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