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How much is car insurance for the Mercedes Benz C Class?

The Mercedes Benz C Class is one of the most popular luxury sedans in terms of cost, vehicle safety ratings and prestige. This 5 passenger 4-door sedan starts at just under $34,000 and comes in 3 Models.

  • C300 Luxury Sedan
  • C300 Sport Sedan
  • C350 Sport Sedan

Mercedes is well known for its commitment to luxury but Mercedes vehicles are also some of the highest rated vehicles in the world for safety. All Mercedes Benz C Class models come standard equipped with safety features such as:

  • 11-way Airbag Protection
  • Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Brake Assist System
  • Electronic Stability Program
  • and more

Mercedes C Class models are also equipped with a SMART Key system which has been proven to dramatically reduce exposure to auto-theft.

Mercedes Car Insurance Rates

Although the Mercedes Benz is a luxury car the vehicle is still well regarded by car insurance companies for its safety and does not command extremely high auto insurance rates. The C Class is even eligible for many car insurance discounts simply based on standard features. While car insurance for the Mercedes C Class is obviously higher than a Volkswagen Jetta or Hyundai Sonata most drivers can still find very affordable auto insurance premiums.

For most drivers (who fit the profile of a good driver) car insurance for the Mercedes C class will run around $1,400 – $2,000 annually… between $125 to $180 a month however your exact premiums will always depend on your unique profile including where you live, your credit score and how much you intend to use the vehicle.

Who has the Best Mercedes Car Insurance Rates?

The Mercedes C Class is not an exotic car such as the Bugatti Veryon or the Pagani Zonda where only a handful of car insurance companies insure but a very common vehicle (especially in America) so your choices for car insurance companies are plentiful. Who has the best auto insurance rates will depend on your profile and that’s why a car insurance comparison search is always highly recommended. It’s very rare to ever get 2 quotes the same for auto insurance and each provider has a different risk formula so the only way to find the best car insurance rates for the Mercedes C Class is to shop around and compare car insurance companies.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save