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Drivers who are required to file a SR-22 form can find car insurance rates to be very expensive compared to their previous auto insurance options but there are steps you can take to find cheap SR 22 car insurance.

Why is SR 22 car insurance so expensive?

The biggest discount offered by car insurance companies is the good driver discount and any driver required to file an SR-22 form will automatically be ineligible for this discount. Although the SR-22 form filing requirement can be placed on a driver for several reasons all of these reasons are considered high risk driving activities by car insurance companies. Think about some of the common reasons for having to file a SR-22 form:

  • Drivers convicted of a DUI or a DWI charge
  • Causing an accident and not having car insurance
  • Insufficient financial resources to pay for car accident damages
  • Reckless driving conviction
  • and more

The SR-22 form filing requirement is not something courts want to impose as it is another cost to taxpayers but when it comes to public safety courts take any high-risk driving offense very serious. Since auto insurance providers base premiums on risk they understand that almost any driver who has demonstrated high-risk driving activities is much more likely to file a future claim than someone with a clean driving record. The SR-22 form filing requirement is one of the highest risk factors car insurance companies flag as a variable to determine whether or not to insure someone.

Can I buy SR-22 Car Insurance?

No. This is purely a form drivers must file with the DMV to show proof of financial responsibility and not a form of car insurance. You need to find an auto insurer who can file the SR-22 form for you as it can not be filed by an individual – only a licensed auto insurance company can file. Once you disclose this requirement however you will automatically be classified as high-risk.

Many car insurance companies simply do not engage in filing SR-22 forms making you ineligible for their policy options while others will deny coverage and even more will calculate your premiums so high they simply are saying (in dollars) they don’t want to insure you.

How can I find Cheap SR-22 Auto Insurance?

We know affordable car insurance is out there for everyone (even with a SR22) and there are certainly ways to find cheap car insurance even as a high risk driver. What you must do however is realize that your rates for the next few years will never be comparable to those of a good driver so try to focus on finding the cheapest high-risk auto insurance and not the cheapest rates you used to be eligible for. Some of the things you can do to find cheap SR-22 car insurance are:

Compare: Any high risk driver must shop around

Discounts: Learn about discounts! While the good driver discount may be gone momentarily they are still many ways to save money on auto insurance.

Contact your State: All states have high risk insurance programs which mandate car insurers to insure high-risk drivers who have been denied coverage in the voluntary market. Some states have even imposed limits on how much a car insurer can charge and premiums through a state car insurance plan can often be much lower than purchasing coverage from a company specializing in high risk auto insurance

Contact Traffic Schools: You are not alone as a high risk driver and some traffic schools may have some very good referrals for car insurance companies who offer cheap insurance.

Improve your Driving Record: The road to recovery can often be a few years but there is no better day than today to start improving your driving record.

High risk car insurance can be expensive but ultimately it is still something you must obtain unless you are trading in your car for a 12-speed mountain bike. Once you accept the fact that your life as a driver will be temporarily be more expensive then try to shop for car insurance the same way as you did before.

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