Will car insurance cover a cracked windshield?

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A very common question is will car insurance cover a cracked windshield and this really depends on your state and the type of car insurance you have. In most states a cracked windshield is covered if you have comprehensive car insurance while other states do not automatically require car insurance companies to include this.

You should always read your car insurance policy in full. Many times the coverage for a broken or cracked windshield will be spelled out under the Full Glass Coverage section of your policy. Car insurance companies always provide coverage for a cracked windshield but it depends on if you have the right type of coverage for how the crack occurred. Was it due to road debris or the result of vandalism? While under most circumstances any type of broken glass will be covered never assume you have coverage without contacting your car insurance company first.

Will you have to pay a deductible for a new windshield?

This also varies on the car insurance company. While many insurers apply your policy deductible to a cracked windshield some also prefer you get it fixed right away and waive the deductible. Driving any car with a broken glass greatly increases the risk of personal injury for passengers and liability exposure to the car insurance company so fixing the problem is a win-win for both the policyholder and the insurer. The cost will run $500 or more for most vehicles so you can count on paying a significant percentage out of pocket if you are forced to cover your deductible. Some auto repair shops will cover the deductible but that is a grey area when it comes to filing any kind of car insurance claim as ultimately the policyholder is expected to pay the policy deductible.

Can I get a ticket for driving with a cracked windshield?

Anytime you have a cracked windshield you need to get it checked as it can pose serious potential risk of injury in a car accident. You also want to check state laws about operating a vehicle with any type of broken glass. Some states impose heavy fines and have strict laws about operating a vehicle with any kind of cracked, chipped or broken glass. Both New York and Minnesota for example have laws which make it illegal to operate a vehicle with a crack of any size which obstructs or limits a driver’s view.

What is the best type of car insurance to purchase?

The best type of car insurance is one which provides coverage for almost all foreseeable events however for many consumers its also about finding the most affordable rates. Most drivers start a car insurance comparison search online to review policy options and premiums. With over 100 licensed car insurance companies in almost every state there are numerous options for a car insurer no matter where you live. Try to learn about the different types of coverage then shop around for the best rates.

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