Will Car Insurance pay for a new engine?

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Engine Replacement – Will car insurance pay for a new engine? One of the most costly auto repair bills is a new engine so when your engine breaks its only natural to hope you have some kind of insurance to pay the repair bill.

The problem with any kind of auto repair and car insurance is that auto insurance is not a replacement for a warranty. Car insurance provides coverage for damages caused by an accident or other insured event. Simple wear and tear is never covered by an auto insurance policy but rather your car warranty. Auto insurance companies like AAA offer policyholders to purchase extended warranty plans but even these are separate programs outside of your car insurance policy.

So the answer to whether or not car insurance will pay for a new engine is NO – unless the engine damage was caused from the results of an insured event such as a car accident.

Car insurance has a single intention – to financially protect the insured and damaged parties in the event of a car accident and not to maintain your vehicle like a warranty does. If your engine breaks (and you do not have an auto warranty in place) then you need to choose between paying an auto repair shop to fix the engine or buy a new vehicle.

Auto Warranty and Extended Car Warranty Plans

While almost all new model cars come standard with a comprehensive warranty plan today older or high–mileage vehicles are often subject to costly auto repair bills when you least expect it. For many people the cost of car repair is very surprising especially for those consumers who have always had a late model car or leased a vehicle. A new engine can easily cost $10,000 or more and for most people its a poor financial decision to ever incur the cost of a new engine when the money could be used for a new car with a warranty. Many drivers however opt for an extended warranty program when their original manufacturer warranty expires and this can really help lower the cost of auto repair. Extended Warranties usually cost around $1,000 annually for most cars but if anything major happens to the vehicle you can literally save yourself thousands by having an extended warranty plan.

Maintain Your Engine

If you are like many drivers you may think a simple part or regular checkup is all you need to get a car started but when an engine breaks you not only a need a sizeable check to fix it but also will find yourself possibly without transportation for a little while. While every engine will break if you own a car long enough there things you can to maintain an engine such:

  • Regular Fluid Check Ups
  • Oil and Filter Change every 5,000 miles
  • Annual Checkup

You may also want to read consumer car reviews and inquire about other owners experience with vehicles of your make, model and age.

Does Car Insurance Ever cover Engine Repair?

Yes. While car insurance claims are mainly for collision with another vehicle there are several insured events where one can experience severe engine damage without actually hitting another vehicle. Think of flooding your car or a heavy object falling on the front of your vehicle. Car insurance will (if you have the right coverage) certainly pay for engine repair if the engine damage was from an insured event.

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