Will car insurance cover a car seat?

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In a nutshell...
  • It’s illegal to transport children with a car or booster seat
  • Penalties include stiff fines and even loss of your license
  • The federal government set safety standards for car seat regulation

Car seats are mandatory in all states for drivers transporting infants in private passenger vehicles.

Car insurance laws for child seats vary by state pertaining to who is required to be in a child (height and weight) to what type of car seats can be used.

Failure to use a child seat can result in heavy fines but more importantly, not using a car seat can directly affect the safety of a child.

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Are car seats covered by car insurance?

Child safety when operating a vehicle is one of the important elements to being a responsible driver. Whenever a child is in a vehicle a car seat is both mandatory and logical to help protect the child in the event of an accident.

The federal government has a set safety standard for all car seats manufactured for sale in the USA and car insurance companies expect you only to use car seats which meet or exceed these standards.

Using a car seat that has not met the Federal Safety Standard can very well be a possible reason to exclude you from coverage.

Any car seat which has met Government Car Seat Safety Standards will have a seal of approval by the federal government and once you see this seal this will tell you the car seat complies with car insurance industry standards.

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Will a car insurance company replace a car seat?

Many car insurance companies support claims to replace a car seat should damage happen. Think of your windshield getting cracked.

Once a crack appears, the risk of much more damage from even a minor accident is much higher.

Using the concept of minimizing risk, car insurance companies understand that operating a vehicle with a broken child seat can expose the insurer to potentially much more liability in an accident.

While not every car insurance company will support a claim for a new car seat from the minor damage you should ask this question of any potential provider and even call your current car insurance company should you have or foresee the need for using a child seat.

Why are car seats important?

The use of car seats has a direct correlation to safety. Statistics show that children not in a car seat at the time of an accident suffer much more damage than children who are protected by a car seat.

Whether or not you agree with the use of a car seat you can not argue with the facts and the facts dictate it is safer for all children to be in a child when driving in a vehicle.

Car seats are designed to restrain child passengers in the safest possible position during the impact of a car accident primarily focusing on minimizing any bodily injury.

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