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Who is the Best Car Insurance Company in the USA?

Who is the best car insurance company in the USA? The answer to this question will entirely depend on who you ask. State Farm, Allstate and GEICO are the 3 largest car insurance companies by market share but are they for everyone?

While every driver wants cheap car insurance rates from a reliable provider there are still many other variables to consider when choosing a car insurance company and these variable can differ depending on your unique needs.

Do you want simply the lowest premiums, the most reputable auto insurance provider or one with a local agent you can visit? Maybe you want a combination of all of these things and some more like 24/7 customer service and online account management? While most car insurance companies offer all of the same discounts, customer service support and industry ratings people still prefer one insure over another.

“It’s impossible to declare any car insurance company the best – you simply need to find an auto insurer you can trust in the event of a claim”

Now like any industry there are a few bad apples but insurance is a pretty regulated industry in most states and you have NO OBLIGATION to use any particular provider. The only person you can blame for not having the right type of coverage or a bad car insurance company is most likely you. Shop around, ask friends for recommendations, view industry ratings and research any potential car insurance company the same way you research buying a new car.

How do I Compare Car Insurance Companies?

The key about comparing car insurance companies is really all about comparing each one equally. First you need to find brands you can trust and this is fairly easy to do. For the average driver its all about personal recommendations and industry ratings but most car insurance companies have some kind of excellent rating somewhere (and we all know from the Wall Street Fiasco sometimes these do not mean a whole lot) so trust your gut.

Once you find suitable car insurance company candidates then it’s about policy coverage and premiums. The biggest mistake drivers make is only to compare policies based on premiums and not pay close attention to the details of coverage. All states have minimum car insurance requirements so car insurance companies will not sell you any kind of coverage below state minimum requirements however these minimum levels of coverage are usually so low that you risk a lot of personal liability driving a car.

For example, the only required insurance is liability coverage and liability insurance does NOT cover damage to your vehicle. It’s simply liability for damage caused to other people. Also with a $20,000 maximum policy limit is this really enough coverage should you hit a car and cause total loss? Or how about injuries suffered by one of the passengers? Absolutely not as the cost of medical expenses can easily exceed your policy limits.

The best car insurance comparison search only comes with education so learn about car insurance including the types of coverage, popular auto insurance discounts, your deductible options and policy limits. Once you know what you need and how much coverage is sufficient then you can start comparing car insurance policies line by line.

Who are the Top 10 Car insurance Companies?

Now this is a fair question since it’s a good place to start an auto insurance comparison search. You can view the top 10 car insurance companies by market share here but note that many regional providers will never be on this list and in some markets these smaller regional companies actually have more of a market share than many of the top 10 companies nationwide.

Spend time learning about car insurance and only start to compare car insurance quotes when you are ready. Good coverage and affordable rates will always be around – you just need to find the right company you can trust.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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