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Who has the Cheapest Car Insurance?

Cheap car insurance is rather a vague term as car insurance policies comprise of much more than premiums but many drivers still ask the question who has the cheapest car insurance rates?

While this question if fair on the surface it really does not help you find the best car insurance coverage for you and your family. Policy premiums are very important and you certainly don’t want to overpay for coverage however a good car insurance comparison search begins with comparing potential policies equally.

How Important are Cheap Car Insurance Premiums?

Premiums are very important to your financial budget but car insurance is something you only really benefit from when a car accident claim needs to be filed. Any driver can compare quotes and simply pick the policy coverage with the lowest rates but smart consumers will choose the most affordable car insurance policy from policies with equal coverage.

What should I look for when comparing car insurance policies?

The cost of any car insurance policy will be one factor but you also need to look at the details behind the following items to make sure you are comparing all things equally.

  • Policy Deductible – How much are you be responsible for out-of-pocket in the event of a claim. Can you afford this much?
  • Limits of Coverage – All states have minimum car insurance requirements but these requirements are often lower than most financial advisors recommended. Is $10,000 enough coverage for medical expenses when an overnight ER stay can surpass $20,000 and you might be personally liable for the rest? Decide how much coverage you need and only compare auto insurance policies with the same amounts of coverage.
  • Exclusions – While most car insurance polices have the same type of exclusions read over the details of the policy and ask your agent about any exclusions. Many times a single paragraph in the policy can exclude some very important coverage.
  • Claims Handling and Company Reputation – When you need to file a claim you certainly need a car insurance company you can trust so weigh the intangible cost of going with a respected brand name when comparing policy premiums. Sometimes a little higher premium can make you sleep a lot better knowing the right company has insured you.

Choosing a new car insurance company can be painless if you avoid the cute marketing campaigns of companies and use logic when comparing any type of car insurance policy. The goal is to find cheap car insurance quotes and not just a cheap car insurance policy.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save