What is Non Owner car insurance?

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Non owner auto insurance is extremely important when operating any vehicle other than your own. From a rental car to a vehicle owned by a friend or family member having the right type of non-owner car insurance in place can prove to be very valuable in the event of an accident. Not having such auto insurance coverage can be very expensive especially if the accident was your fault.

While many car insurance policies extend coverage to friends or family members who temporarily operate a vehicle (with the owners consent) there are still many reasons to obtain non-owner car insurance even if you don’t own a car including:

Vehicle owner has insufficient coverage

Imagine getting in a car accident driving a friend’s car only to realize they have barely any coverage. Most state minimum car insurance laws only require liability insurance so if you suffer damages or your friends car is damaged its very possibly there is no coverage for damages to the vehicle or injuries to yourself.

No more Rental Car Insurance

Even drivers who don’t own a car rent a vehicle form time to time and the $10 a day (or more) in car insurance premiums can add up along with never really understanding how much coverage you have. Non-owner car insurance extends to rental cars so you can almost always decline this additional cost knowing you have a car insurance policy in force.

Can I buy car insurance without owning a car?

Yes. This type of policy is appropriately called a non-owner auto insurance policy. Non owner car insurance works by having an additional layer of insurance protection for operating any vehicle. From a company vehicle to a rental vehicle to your best friends car.

How does non-owner auto insurance work?

Most non-owner auto insurance policies work as supplemental insurance meaning the coverage kicks in after the primary car insurance limits have been exhausted.

Who offers non-owner car insurance policies?

Almost all car insurance companies offer some form of non-owner car insurance coverage and the policy premiums are very affordable. Non-owner auto insurance coverage can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of traditional car insurance policies.

Can I compare non-owners car insurance quotes online?

Yes. Although its a little more difficult than finding car insurance quotes for a new car. The best way is to compare non-owners auto insurance quotes will be to find a list of car insurance companies in your state by doing a zip code search and then contacting the companies direct to see what options they have available.

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