What is Medical Payments Coverage?

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When choosing a car insurance policy it’s important to understand all the different types of auto insurance. Medical Payments Coverage is an optional feature which can provide many benefits in the event of an accident.

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What does Medical Payments Insurance cover?

MPM (Medical Payments Coverage) provides insurance for medical costs relating to personal injuries suffered in a car accident. The most important factor behind medical payments coverage is your eligibility for filing a claim is not based on fault. Therefore if you get in an accident where you were at fault, and do not have property insurance in place to cover your own personal injuries, medical payments will still cover certain costs (up to your policy limit). Some of the costs which medical payments insurance covers are:

  • Ambulance Fees
  • Surgery Costs
  • X-Rays
  • EMT Fees
  • Hospital Charges
  • Funeral expenses
  • and more

Who should purchase medical payments coverage?

All drivers should consider some form of medical payments coverage but this type of car insurance is particular beneficial for people who have limited insurance and/or high deductible health insurance plans. Medical payments coverage can even act as a supplemental insurance in an accident where your health insurance deductible for a hospital visit would be covered.

Who is covered under Medical Payments Coverage?

Unlike your individual health insurance plan the good thing about medical payments coverage is its extension to both family members and passengers driving in the vehicle. Many car insurance companies even offer medical payments coverage which extends to you (or your family members) as passenger of another vehicle, so if you happen to be in an accident while somebody else is driving you have some insurance in place.

Is Medical Payments Coverage mandatory?

This depends on where you live. Some states require all drivers to carry a minimum level of medical payments coverage (usually $5,000) but there are some states that also provide drivers an option to opt out of this coverage by declining in writing.

How much is medical payments coverage?

Medical payments coverage is very cheap. Most good drivers can add up to $100,000 or more in coverage for less than $20 a month.

Where can I buy medical payments coverage?

Almost all car insurance companies offer medical payments coverage and while it’s rare to find a stand alone policy for this type of insurance you can often quickly add medical payments coverage to an existing policy by simply calling your local agent.

Who has the cheapest car insurance rates?

Medical payments coverage is certainly one of the cheapest types of car insurance however if you are looking for the overall cheapest car insurance quotes then you need to shop around. Auto insurance rates vary by provider and are based on how a particular provider rates your risk profile. Car insurance comparison is the most efficient way to find the cheapest car insurance quotes so enter your ZIP code and find local providers today!

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