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Comprehensive car insurance is considered by many drivers as the most important type of car insurance to have as it provides extensive coverage for your vehicle.

Is Comprehensive Car Insurance required by law?

No. State laws only require drivers to carry forms of liability insurance for injuries or damages to others. Comprehensive car insurance is always optional.

What does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover?

This is why you need to learn about car insurance. If you just comply with state laws any damage to your vehicle will almost never be covered in an accident where you are at-fault or by random events. Many types of car insurance exist but comprehensive auto insurance is something every driver should consider purchasing since it covers damage to your vehicle from many different circumstances. Some of the items comprehensive car insurance covers are:

  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Acts of God
  • and more

Comprehensive car insurance can take different forms depending on where you live and the particular car insurance company issuing the policy.

Does comprehensive car insurance cover car accident damage?

Sometimes but collision coverage is the part of car insurance which covers most damage caused when your car is in use.

What is the definition of an Act of God?

This is a very good question. Natural disasters surely fit under this title but it really depends on your policy details. Although most car insurance companies have common definitions there are differences in policy coverage and some Acts of God may be excluded depending on where you live. For example, hurricanes in Florida or earthquakes in California may be excluded if you live in these areas due to the relative frequency of such events.

In short, comprehensive car insurance is the part of your car insurance policy which covers most all damage not caused as a result of a collision with another vehicle. Never assume you have coverage for every scenario however – always read your policy details and ask your car insurance company any questions about missing elements. You may be able to buy an insurance rider.

Is everything covered under comprehensive car insurance?

No. A lot of people think comprehensive car insurance will cover all damage to a vehicle and its contents. There are always limitations to what you can claim. If you keep 100 CD’s in your car then odds you are not going to get a claim approved for any more than your CD changer can fit. If you own a modified car and fail to disclose the modification to the car insurance company prior to filing a claim they may deny your claim and even possibly cancel your coverage should the modification interrupt the safety of the vehicle.

What type of car insurance covers damage in a car accident?

This would be your collision coverage if the accident was your fault. Most drivers opt for liability (mandatory), comprehensive and collision coverage.

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