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Vermont car insurance laws require all vehicles to maintain liability car insurance and residents do have a number of choices for an auto insurance provider. Although Vermont has a much smaller list of licensed car insurance companies than most States (just over 50) the market is still fairly competitive.

“Vermont drivers pay over 30% less than the national average car insurance rates and only residents of Maine have lower average car insurance premiums!”

Vermont Car Insurance Requirements

The Vermont DMV requires all vehicles registered to have car insurance conforming to the minimum car insurance requirement set by Vermont law. Current (2010) Vermont laws define minimum car insurance requirements for all vehicles registered in Vermont as 25/50/10 which means:

  • $25,000 of liability insurance for accidents involving one person
  • $50,000 combined liability insurance per accident for injuries to all persons
  • $10,000 of property damage liability per accident

Drivers who purchase just the minimum Vermont car insurance requirements often have enough coverage for very minor car accidents resulting only in vehicle damage but do not have (a) any coverage for their own vehicle and (b) often exposed to personal liability for accidents involving medical injuries. Car insurance is only as good the policy details and while Vermont minimum requirements may suffice in very minor accidents it is never advisable to drive only with liability insurance. Most drivers in Vermont consider comprehensive and collision coverage along with expanded levels of coverage to reduce any potential exposure to personal liability.

“Auto insurance will only cover you up to the levels of the policy for damages resulting from an uninsured event” so you should always consider much higher limits. Policy coverage well exceeding $100,000 per accident can often be found for only a nominal increase to premiums.

Vermont Car Insurance Companies

While there are only just over 50 licensed car insurance companies in Vermont you should still never choose the first car insurance quote. Auto insurance comparison is key to finding the best rates but you also need to understand what questions to ask any Vermont car insurance company. Do you know the answers to these questions?

Understanding auto insurance will certainly help you compare policies equally and ultimately choose reliable coverage for your unique needs.

Vermont Car Insurance Quotes

Even with practically the lowest car insurance rates in America you can still save money on Vermont car insurance rates. Learn about discounts, shop around and always compare at least a handful of car insurance companies.

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