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Choosing a car insurance company can sometimes feel like a challenging task however with the right combination of knowledge most drivers can find very affordable car insurance fairly quickly. The key behind any car insurance comparison search will always be based on your knowledge of auto insurance and how much effort you put in to comparing car insurance quotes. Below are some of the best tips to help aid you in the car insurance comparison search.

Always Start Online

The reason why car insurance comparison is so popular online boils down to 2 things. Access to information and the ability to compare rates. A wealth of knowledge is available online about the types of car insurance, popular questions about filing a claim, car insurance discounts and almost every aspect of coverage. Start by learning about car insurance and once you know enough about how car insurance works move on to comparing providers.

Always Read Car Insurance Reviews

While there is still a large portion of Americans heavily influenced by advertising its important never to choose a car insurance company based on how cute the mascot is or how fancy a car insurance ID looks like. Try to find reviews of car insurance companies from policyholders who have filed a claim. While it can be a little difficult to gauge the authenticity of such reviews its still a very important part of choosing any type of insurance provider.

Never take the First Quote

This is true with practically any purchase. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. You also need to form a base of comparison since the only way to understand how much average car insurance rates are for your profile is to speak with a handful of car insurance companies. All auto insurance providers measure risk different and although the first quote may be the one you ultimately choose it only takes a few moments to compare multiple quotes. The cost of not comparing car insurance companies can be very expensive. Try to compare at least 5 or more auto insurance providers before making a decision.

Compare Insurance First – Buy a Car Second

While your driving record certainly makes up a large portion of car insurance premiums the type of vehicle insured is the second largest factor in determining your premiums. Before committing to any vehicle you want to know the cost of car insurance well ahead of signing the vehicle purchase agreement.

Check Your Credit

Most car insurance companies use your credit score as a factor in determining risk and while some states ban the use of credit scores most do not. Applicants with bad credit tend to pose a higher risk of filing a future claim so although you probably will not get denied with just a couple late payments you want to make sure you have the best credit score available before applying for car insurance. Pulling a copy of your credit report and credit score can help you ID any potential mistakes and provide an opportunity to correct them.

How much do you use the car?

With the ever increasing amount of people working remotely now is a good time to calculate how much you really use your car. Commuting to work every day stands for well over 50% of a typical car’s annual usage but if you drive less than 7,500 miles a year its very possible to get low mileage discounts which can save upwards of 50% or more on premiums.

Check your DMV Record

Although credit reports are much more likely to have incorrect information there is still a possibility your driving record has blemishes. Whenever you need car insurance its very beneficial to get a good driver discount and you certainly want to avoid getting penalized for errors on your driving record. Contact your DMV and ask how to pull a drivers license record today.

Understand Car Insurance Discounts

From paying your policy in full to combing your auto and homeowners policy with the same company, many car insurance discounts exist. Many drivers fail to take advantage of all the discounts available since they rely on the car insurance company to offer them. While most auto insurers are really good about applying multiple discounts there are still times when you will only get a discount if you ask or happen to speak with the right representative. Learn about the popular car insurance discounts, make a list and ask every potential car insurer about your potential eligibility for such discounts.

Include Local Car Insurance Companies

While companies like Allstate, State Farm and Geico have the lion’s share of car insurance policies there are also many regional or local auto insurance companies who provide exceptional value in the marketplace. It’s very hard to often find any of these companies on national top 10 lists since they only have a limited footprint. Take for example PEMCO car insurance in Washington State. PEMCO is envied by many top insurers for the brand they have built in Washington State however outside of Washington few people have heard of them. Ask around about local companies and do not focus solely on the national companies.

Car insurance comparison does not have to be difficult and the main benefit of researching all your options online is building a knowledge base that can help you save money each and every time you need car insurance. In fact, we all probably should have graduated college with a course in how to save money on car insurance since it’s a lifelong bill for most people.

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