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In a nutshell...
  • The General Car Insurance Company offers coverage to high-risk drivers
  • People with multiple moving violations or found guilty of DUI-DWI are considered high risk
  • High-risk drivers typically have to pay more for coverage than people with clean driving records

The General Insurance Company is a car insurer who offers auto insurance coverage for high-risk drivers having trouble getting car insurance.

While drivers can often be exposed to higher rates for small blemishes on their driving record, many car insurance companies also deny coverage for some infractions making it hard for consumers to obtain an auto insurance policy.

The General car insurance company has a different way to calculate risk allowing many drivers another option before having to request assistance from high-risk auto insurance plans by the state.

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Why would I be denied a car insurance policy?

Car insurance companies are under no obligation to insure you, so it’s very possible you could be denied coverage.

Some of the reasons you could be denied include, but not limited to:

The General Car Insurance Company (or legally, General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc) is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp.

They provide automobile insurance from Permanent General Assurance Corporation and Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio who has A.M. Best ratings of “Excellent.”

While not every driver will be approved the company certainly does claim they have an auto insurance policy for almost every driver no matter what issues they have.

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General Car Insurance Advantages

One big advantage of the General car insurance company is how easy it is to get coverage.

High-risk drivers denied coverage have reported calling the General and getting an auto insurance policy in-force quick.

One should expect rates are higher, however, sometimes the need for car insurance is excellent enough premiums play less of a factor than just securing some policy in place.

Other advantages of the General Auto Insurance Company is they offer free online quotes through the company website using an ANONYMOUS form so you can quickly estimate your premiums privately.

They also offer numerous payment options with low down payments and even still provide auto insurance discounts many of the big brand name insurers do.

General Car Insurance Disadvantages

Any driver with a bad driving record has to realize they will pay more.

Many companies who offer products to high-risk consumers (lousy credit cards, poor credit, payday loans, etc.) will always have some negative feedback floating around online.

While any high-risk car insurance policy is not your optimal choice if you do fall in this category, then the General Insurance Company is undoubtedly worth considering.

Is the General Car Insurance Company the best option for high-risk drivers?

One of the things we like to say is there is no best car insurance company title. Every wise consumer should always shop around and compare car insurance companies.

While high-risk drivers certainly have a much more difficult time obtaining coverage, there are still many insurance providers and State programs available.

The best thing any high-risk driver can do to find cheap car insurance is to compare quotes from at least a handful of auto insurers. Never assume every company will deny you coverage because one did.

If a Geico or Allstate or other market leader denies you car insurance coverage, then try another before automatically going to a high-risk insurer like the General Car Insurance.

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