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In a nutshell...
  • Lousiana is home to the infamous Mardi-Gras
  • It’s also home to some of the highest car insurance premiums in the country
  • Rates in Lousiana are 80 percent higher than in other parts of the nation

Louisiana is home to New Orleans, Bourbon Street, Mardi-Gras and many of America’s finest establishments, however, when it comes to car insurance.

Drivers pay an average of 80 percent higher than anywhere else in the nation making Louisiana the state with the highest car insurance rates.

Understanding which type of coverage you need, your lifestyle and even the kind of job you have can impact your monthly rates.

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Why is car insurance so high in Louisiana?

It certainly has nothing to do with the competitive environment for car insurance in Louisiana, as there are over 100 licensed car insurance companies in the state.

Car insurance companies have to compensate for the potential risk of a settlement with higher premiums or pull out of the market altogether.

The only thing keeping Louisiana car insurance rates from not going higher are the number of car insurance companies licensed – if you had a smaller field of auto insurers, Louisiana residents might very well see much higher car insurance premiums.

According to a 2010 study by Insure.com, average car insurance rates for Louisiana, drivers were just over $2,500 annually.

With a national average of $1,430 and the second highest state (Michigan) coming in 20 percent lower. Louisiana’s laws certainly account for a lot of the additional risk in setting premiums.

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Louisiana Car Insurance Requirements

Car insurance requirements in Louisiana are set by The Louisiana Department of Insurance.

Even with such high auto insurance rates, Louisiana still has some of the lower liability insurance requirements in America.

According to the annual publication “A Consumers Guide to Auto Insurance,” published by the Louisiana Department of Insurance (2010), all vehicles registered in the state must carry liability coverage with the following minimum levels of coverage:

These limits represent the common 15/30/25 requirements on most documents explaining car insurance requirements.

Louisiana does not require other recommends forms of coverage including comprehensive and collision insurance which every driver should consider.

Louisiana Car Insurance Companies

Louisiana has over 100 licensed auto insurance companies who provide everything from classic car insurance to motorcycle insurance to traditional passenger vehicle policies.

Since car insurance rates in Louisiana are as high as they are, you need to shop around and compare car insurance companies as it’s entirely possible to save more in Louisiana with a reasonable car insurance comparison search than anywhere else.

Choosing the right Louisiana car insurance company is critical because if you are involved in a car accident here, the odds are high someone may file suit and you want a reliable provider who can pay a settlement if they need to.

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