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Can I have my car parked on the road without insurance?

Share Tweet Pin +1 Most people mistakenly believe that they only need car insurance when they’ll be driving a vehicle. Although you’ll only be held legally responsible for damages in an accident when you’re driving your car, the reality is that you’re still obligated to insure your car in other situations. In the past, there […]

How to Transfer Auto Insurance to New Car

If you previously drove an older car and had dropped collision and comprehensive coverage on the vehicle, you might have to have these coverage options restored for the new car. Most states require drivers to carry a specified level of auto insurance to drive legally on public roads. Therefore, if you finally manage to make […]

Do you need insurance to register a car?

We don’t always do things in the best order. For example, you might buy a car because you find a good deal on one. You might not want to wait until you can get it insured. But when you set out to register your car, as required by law, you might run into a few […]

Do you need insurance for a car off the road?

Carrying insurance coverage is usually necessary for any vehicle, especially one that is used on the road. There may be times, however, that it seems to make sense to remove your coverage or cancel your coverage if your vehicle is not in use, sitting in storage, or is removed from the road for some other […]

What happens if you have a lapse in car insurance coverage?

The best rule of thumb to follow is never to let your car insurance policy lapse. A lapsed policy can result in serious consequences, including hefty fines and the cancellation of your car’s license plate and registration. You may even be designated as a high-risk driver, even if you haven’t had any accidents. Compare rates […]

When you buy a car do you need insurance right away?

When you’re buying a new car, you need to prepare yourself for each stage of the car buying process before you even get to the showroom floor. You should study interest rates, research vehicle models, and price the cost to insure the car of your dreams. As soon as you buy the car of your […]

3 Things to Do Before Signing Your Car Insurance Renewal

Many people buy car insurance and then never give their policy another thought unless they need to file a claim. However, you should always follow a few steps before you renew your car insurance policy with your current insurance company. Car insurance quotes from multiple car insurance providers are waiting for you to put your […]

Car Insurance Requirements for Teenagers

Getting your first driver’s license is an exciting time filled with fun, freedom, and don’t forget, responsibility. Teen drivers need to really pay attention to car insurance requirements, because they are so much more likely to use their insurance coverage to file a claim. Teenagers and drivers of all ages can compare car insurance rates […]

The Risks of Driving Without Car Insurance

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about driving without car insurance because you can’t afford it. Maybe you’re even doing so now, hoping that you won’t be caught as long as you stay out of trouble. In either case, you need to be aware that the risks of driving without car insurance. These include the possibility of […]

What are some car insurance coverage details people often overlook?

When it comes to comparing your car insurance options, the car insurance coverage details are extremely important to look into. There are some very common areas that are overlooked when it comes to coverage, but these are extremely important. Many of these areas could lead to you getting discounts but could also mean that you […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save