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How many car insurance companies are there? Almost every state has more than 100 licensed car insurance companies so drivers have plenty of options to choose from however finding a full list of car insurance companies can be a little difficult.

First you need to define what kind of coverage you need. Do you need common coverage or specialized insurance? Do you prefer an umbrella policy or prefer to find an insurer for multiple types of insurance?

The list of car insurance companies will vary greatly depending on your needs however the best place to start is online.

How to find a List of Car Insurance Companies

If you fall in the main group of drivers who simply need a common car insurance policy with types of coverage such as liability insurance, comprehensive or collision coverage then the best way is to Google keywords such as “Florida car insurance” or “best car insurance companies” and you will often find search results which offer reviews and links to many auto insurance companies in your area.

A lot of sites also offer a zip code search where you enter your zip code and a customized set of results will show listing numerous insurance providers in your area.

For drivers who have specialized needs such as classic car insurance its critical you read reviews of classic car insurance companies and focus on finding providers who specialize in this niche. Companies like Farmers, Hagerty Insurance and Travelers all have specialized classic car insurance coverage but many of the top providers still only provide general auto insurance.

Who is the best car insurance company?

This is probably one of the most common questions and there really is no single answer. The best car insurance company will be different for almost every driver and even auto insurance rates can vary greatly from one provider to another. The best way to compare car insurance companies is to learn about auto insurance and then compare providers. Many drivers make the mistake of simply comparing policies by premiums and this is never the best way to get coverage. You should always understand the types of insurance available, how policy deductibles works, what car insurance discounts to ask for and build a vast knowledge of auto insurance before ever accepting coverage from any provider.

Where can I read Car Insurance Company Reviews

The auto insurance industry has a vast presence online but the one thing you never want to do is rely solely on customer reviews published by an auto insurance company. While most insurers obviously strive for customer satisfaction there is no doubt the room for potentially biased reviews is there. Always look for independent websites who provide customer reviews and try to focus on car insurance reviews from policyholders who have filed a claim. Only those policyholders who have gone through a claim process can really speak to the customer service of any auto insurance company.

We have a wealth of content to help you start your car insurance comparison search including a list of auto insurance companies along with independent car insurance company reviews and a vast knowledge base of popular questions about coverage.

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