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List of Car Insurance Companies by State

Where is a list of car insurance companies by state you can choose from? In America there are 100’s of auto insurance companies who offer car insurance coverage. Some car insurance companies offer policies nationwide while others specialize in regional markets or unique policy types. Finding an auto insurance provider is much easier than choosing the right type of coverage.

Most car insurance companies specialize in “general car insurance” which means they offer standard auto insurance policies including liability, comprehensive, collision, GAP and other types of common auto insurance for typical private passenger cars. Others special in auto insurance for commercial vehicles, classic cars, and luxury cars or may even offer umbrella or custom insurance packages.

How can I find a List of Car Insurance Companies by State?

It’s hard to find a complete list of car insurance companies by state and if you own a vehicle you really only need to compare car insurance companies in your state (or the state where you are moving). A simple Google search with terms such as “car insurance companies in California” or “list of auto insurance providers in Florida” should bring up results to assist you with finding a local auto insurer. However most searches today for a new car insurance policy are done by zip code. We can certainly help here since we offer a free auto insurance quotes tool by simply entering your zip code in our database of car insurance companies nationwide.

What are Independent Car Insurance Agents?

The term “Independent car insurance agent” has a double meaning since these types of car insurance agents come in two forms. The first is a licensed insurance agent who solely represents one auto insurance company (such as many of  State Farm’s agents) while others are more or less car insurance brokers who shop around your application profile to find the best fit. While seeking an independent agent can often help in terms of having a local face to reckon with there are also times when independent agents work heavily on commission which may insert a conflict in finding you the best car insurance rates. Today is the generation of the internet and companies like GEICO and Esurance are committed to almost solely selling policies online or through a toll free number so before contacting any independent agent its probably better to spend a few moments doing a car insurance comparison search online.

Will my State Department of Insurance have a list of Car Insurance Companies?

Yes. Although many government websites still look and feel like they were designed in 1955 calling a state department or visiting the particular website of your state insurance regulator should provide a list of local car insurance companies. The downfall here is you still have to research online or engage the use of a broker to get car insurance quotes. Sure, you will have a list of insurers but no information which pertains to the cost of your auto insurance premiums will be attached.

How can I research Car Insurance Company Reviews?

Product and company reviews are some of the most searched terms online so it will not be hard to find information on almost active car insurance companies and if you can’t there are probably at least 100 more you can. We have a large section of car insurance company reviews which should help you in your search for a new auto insurer.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save