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In a nutshell...
  • It’s illegal to drive in Iowa without car insurance
  • By law, you must have at least liability insurance coverage
  • Iowa does not participate in the use of no-fault car insurance laws

Iowa car insurance laws make it mandatory for drivers to carry liability insurance coverage for bodily injury and property damage on any vehicle registered in the state of Iowa.

Drivers operating a vehicle without car insurance can be exposed to heavy fines, drivers license and vehicle registration restrictions and potential personal liability in the event of an accident.

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Iowa Car Insurance Laws

Car insurance laws in Iowa are usually published by the Iowa Insurance Division and most drivers can learn about the auto insurance requirements needed for registering a vehicle from the Iowa DMV.

In 2010 Iowa requires all drivers to carry at least the following levels of liability insurance:

  • $20,000 bodily injury liability per person per accident
  • $40,000 bodily injury liability per accident (all persons)
  • $15,000 of property damage coverage

Since Iowa does not participate in the use of no-fault car insurance laws, all drivers are subject to a tort system for liability.

Should damages exceed the policy coverage, you can be held personally liable for the rest.

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Litigation is very common in states without no-fault car insurance laws and you need policy coverage which is high enough to cover any kind of potential personal liability.

Most Iowa drivers choose policies with increased levels of coverage ($100,000 +) and obtain additional types of car insurance including collision, comprehensive and possibly even GAP insurance for new car owners.

It’s important to understand auto insurance and secure a policy with the right financial protection for you and your family.

Iowa car insurance laws were created to provide a safe environment for Iowa drivers and for many people these limits represent only a fraction of the coverage they should have.

Iowa Car Insurance Rates

Iowa is certainly one of the states with the lowest car insurance rates nationwide. In fact, Iowa auto insurance premiums average over 30 percent less than the national average with a large selection of car insurance companies offering coverage.

Car insurance is not just about premiums and Iowa drivers really need to pay attention to their policy details especially given the driving conditions most of the year.

While cheap car insurance quotes are readily available the value of a car insurance policy is based on the type and amounts of coverage it provides.

A lot of drivers still do not really understand auto insurance so it’s important to learn about the types of coverage, how deductibles work, how much coverage you can buy, why you could be personally liable and more.

While saving money is something almost every driver can do when armed with a good knowledge of auto insurance it’s also critical to know how your policy works before an accident happens.

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