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Car insurance is a mandatory cost of owning a vehicle and while in a perfect world we would all jog to work the fact is you need car insurance. The penalties for driving with no car insurance can be so severe some accidents could even force you to file bankruptcy due to the personal liability, not to mention harsh fines, possible driver license suspension or more upon a routine stop by law enforcement.

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Although even with mandatory car insurance laws drivers are never obligated to pay through the nose for car insurance and there are many ways to find affordable premiums by shopping around. Before starting a car insurance comparison search however read the following tips on how to save money on car insurance.

Never Take the First Quote

This is a good lesson when shopping for anything. Even though the first quote may ultimately end up being the best deal around how will you ever know if you do not shop and compare prices? Almost every state has over 100 licensed car insurance companies so shop around, compare quotes and choose a provider who has the best combination of rates, customer service and reputation for your profile.

Shop Online and Offline

Car insurance comparison online is easy, quick and efficient. However never underestimate the power of a really good insurance agent either. Not only can they explain how car insurance works but may also have some inside knowledge to help you get better car insurance rates from a number of providers. You don’t have to choose how to shop for auto insurance – try both ways. Compare online and speak to a local car insurance agent before committing to a policy.

Ask Friends and Family

Most drivers can list a handful of the big brands but there are dozens of car insurance companies who have solid reputations and affordable premiums. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations of auto insurance companies and research each one. You may be surprised to hear the most popular car insurance company in your neighborhood is one you never heard of.

Check with your HR Department

Affinity discounts are big and can sometimes save up to 5% of more on standard car insurance rates. If you belong to a group, work for an employer or affiliated with any organization always ask your human resource manger or membership director about their affiliate relationships with car insurance companies. Auto insurers like Geico and Allstate have a long history of providing discounts to affinity groups so make sure you take advantage of these.

Learn about Discounts

Car insurance discounts can save up to 50% or more on car insurance premiums. From multi-policy discounts to low-mileage discounts to good driver discounts, there is a long list of car insurance discounts available in the marketplace. However the fact is none of these discounts are obligated to be passed on to qualifying customers. You have to ask for them so learning about the common discounts can help you build a list of questions to ask any potential car insurance company so you can maximize your savings.

Buy a Used Car

New cars are expensive to repair, have a high replacement value and typically have some kind of car financing attached. A full coverage car insurance policy is important for anyone buying a new car however used cars not only have a lower replacement value leading to lower car insurance rates but depending on the vehicle you may not want to purchase collision coverage or other types of insurance. While car insurance for used cars is the same as auto insurance for new cars its very common for drivers not to purchase as much insurance for many older model cars.

Purchase Joint Coverage

Are you married and still have separate car insurance policies? Think about buying joint coverage as many car insurance companies consider married couples lower risk and pass on the savings in a joint policy.

Avoid being Over Insured

While its nice to have $1,000,000 of coverage do you really need this much? How about GAP insurance – you purchased your car 3 years ago and currently owe less than your car is worth? Always understand how much car insurance you need well ahead of comparing quotes as millions of drivers over pay premiums every day simply due to never reviewing their current policy coverage.

Who has the best car insurance rates?

The answer to this question will come after you have built your knowledge base and compare quotes. There is no “best car insurance company” for all drivers but with the right patience and knowledge it only takes a few moments to find the best car insurance company for you. Get started and compare car insurance companies today by entering your ZIP code above.

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