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How many car insurance companies are there?

You may be surprised to know that over 100 car insurance companies are licensed in most states with some states having close to 200. If you need car insurance your options are vast but choosing the right car insurance company is never as easy as finding a car insurance company.

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Company?

Patience and education are the two key factors in any good car insurance comparison search. Anyone can simply enter a zip code and compare quotes but understanding the details of car insurance coverage will enable you to compare quotes equally. Test your knowledge of auto insurance by asking yourself these 5 simple questions.

  • How much car insurance do you need?
  • Does Liability Insurance cover damage to your vehicle?
  • What is No-Fault car insurance?
  • Will auto insurance pay for all damages?
  • What do the letters UIM stand for?

Most drivers can not answer these 5 simple questions with a true answer. Liability insurance for example only covers damage / injuries to other people. UIM stands for uninsured motorist coverage and auto insurance only pays for damages from insured events up to your policy limits. Any damage exceeding your policy limits you could be held personally liable for. This means if you have $10,000 in car insurance and damages are $20,000 then you very well might have to cut a check for $10,000 or be exposed to a lawsuit from the injured party.

Start with Education

Never assume you know everything about car insurance. Most drivers have never filed a claim yet believe they are covered for any accident. There are many different types of car insurance so you need to review your coverage and make sure you have a well rounded policy with sufficient limits from a reliable provider to have full peace of mind when operating a vehicle. Auto insurance is a mandatory requirement all drivers are required to obtain yet many still only understand how much the amount of the monthly premium is. Try to learn about the types of coverage and then consider how policy deductibles work and how much coverage you need.

Always Compare Car Insurance Companies

While your local agent certainly may have a nice smile many car insurance companies offer preferred rates and significant incentives to purchase car insurance direct from their website or toll free number. The role of independent agents is growing less important every day and consumers have the option of engaging multiple quotes within minutes online. Education and patience are key as you need to spend some time comparing the details of coverage in order to get the best rates but the fact about comparison shopping for auto insurance is that you can ultimately save money every month when you know even just a little about how car insurance works – and be covered in the event of a claim. Get started by reading some of the popular topics below:

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save