How many car insurance companies are licensed?

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In a nutshell...
  • Most states have over 100 licensed car insurance companies with Illinois, Indiana, and Georgia
  • Illinois has most licensed car insurance companies in the USA
  • No matter where you live drivers still can enjoy very competitive markets to find affordable auto insurance

All car insurance companies must be licensed through the state and approved to offer private passenger insurance, so it’s fairly easy to get a count of license car insurance companies by state.

However, not all licensed car insurance companies are actively engaged in the sale of auto insurance coverage so please bear that in mind.

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Number of Licensed Car Insurance Companies by State

While the vast of majority of licensed providers do offer policy options to the public, some have the license as part of their existing insurance business in other fields in case they do decide to branch out.

There are some smaller markets like Hawaii and Massachusetts where the number of auto insurance providers hover around 50.

However, no matter where you live drivers still can enjoy very competitive markets to find affordable auto insurance.

Alabama124North Carolina110
Arkansas117North Dakota84
California139New Hampshire106
Colorado143New Jersey81
Connecticut124New Mexico103
Delaware86New York172
Idaho114Rhode Island107
Illinois197South Carolina119
Indiana194South Dakota103
Minnesota149West Virginia80

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Who are the cheapest car insurance companies?

We try to preach to drivers that cheap is a word which should be reserved for flea markets and garage sales since insurance is not like any asset you want to buy cheap and sell high.

While its great to find a cheap stock the only time you will benefit from car insurance is in the event of a claim and cheap car insurance usually means limited policy levels of coverage and just certain types of insurance.

By comparing car insurance quotes based merely on premiums the much insurance you need when an accident happens may not exist.

Start with learning about the types of car insurance coverage, choose what you need and then compare policies of equal coverage. Only then can you give more weight to premiums.

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