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The Hagerty Car Insurance Company is a specialized insurance company who provides collector car insurance. Hagerty is the largest collector car insurance company in the world and highly respected by owners of classic cars, antique cars and vintage automobiles worldwide.

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About Hagerty Car Insurance

Originally founded for owners of collector boats the founders of Hagerty Insurance quickly managed to take over a 50% market share of boat insurance for collector boats and realized that classic cars would be the next natural fit for their specialized insurance products. Today the Hagerty Insurance Company insures many of the world most valuable cars offering policy coverage in the USA, the UK and many parts of the world.

  • 19 years of experience dealing with specialized car insurance for classic cars as the main insurance product
  • Customized car insurance policies tailored to individual needs
  • Guaranteed Value Coverage – policyholders have a an agreed upon value at the time of policy issuance in the case of total loss
  • Private Client Services – Customized umbrella and unique policy coverage for large car collections
  • 24/7 Flatbed towing

A rated by A.M. Best the Hagerty Car Insurance Company is a publicly traded company on the NYSE and is well known to beat traditional car insurance companies for pricing on collector car insurance along with offering many more policy options specialized car owners require such as:

  • Automotive Tools Coverage – Personal tools used to restore vehicles (even including tool boxes and storage cabinets) can be covered
  • Automobila Coverage – insurance for your automobile collectibles
  • Spare Parts Coverage – automatic $750 coverage for spare parts
  • Vehicle Under Construction Coverage – for car owners restoring their vehicles
  • Business Use Coverage – should your classic car be used for events

Why People Choose Hagerty?

Classic car owners choose Hagerty because of their reputation, their commitment to the classic car community and their intimate knowledge of what car collectors need in a car insurance policy. Hagerty is much more than just an insurance company but also a community of like minded people who help make this insurance company our vote for the “Best Classic Car Insurance Company in America

What kind of cars qualify for Hagerty Car Insurance Coverage?

Daily use vehicles do not qualify for coverage however many vehicles outside of a 1967 Ford Mustang qualify. You don’t have to own a car collection as extensive as Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld to qualify for coverage but you do need a vehicle such as

  • Classic, Antique and Vintage Vehicles
  • New vehicles considered exotic and special interest of limited production
  • Modified cars such as replicas, low riders, tunders and street rods
  • Trucks and other utility vehicles
  • Retired commercial vehicles
  • Fire trucks
  • Motorcycles and Scooters
  • Motorsports such pro-street cars and any raced vehicle
  • Vehicles currently being restored
  • Military Vehicles
  • Tractors
  • and more

Hagerty Car Insurance Disadvantages

Classic car values are often open to discussion and sometimes owners can feel a car is worth higher than an insurance company does. Although car insurance reviews of the Hagerty car insurance company are almost all positive there are situations where a classic car owner can feel the insurer’s value opinion is lower than the market value. This is common to all classic car insurance companies. Hagerty does pay a lot of attention to how the vehicle is stored which allow them to offer high replacement values to eligible policyholders. Each application for coverage is viewed individually and if your vehicle is not properly stored then it could be a reason for denial of coverage.

Hagerty car insurance is a top choice for any classic car owner so while it’s important to compare car insurance companies its also equally important to find an insurer who understand your vehicle and when it comes to many classic and exotic cars there really is no other insurance company as specialized as the Hagerty Insurance Company.

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