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Things to know...
  • Some car insurance companies only offer coverage to federal employees, and others offer money-saving discounts for these individuals
  • Anyone who works for the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of government may qualify for financial savings through select providers
  • Some government workers may need to obtain a business or commercial car insurance policy

Many employers offer their employees a great selection of benefits that have true financial value, such as health insurance coverage and an employer-matching retirement account.

If you work for the federal government, you may have exceptional benefits offered to you through the government as well. More than that, you may qualify for an additional discount on your auto insurance premium that adds to the financial benefits related to your position.

Some car insurance companies offer great rates on coverage and only provide insurance to federal workers.

Other car insurance companies offer coverage to most drivers regardless of where they work, and they offer a special discount on auto insurance rates for federal employees.

Before you take advantage of one of these great opportunities to save money on your auto coverage, you need to learn more about the savings options available.

One of the easiest ways to save is to find the company that offers you the lowest premiums. Compare auto insurance quotes today by entering your zip code into our free rate tool above.

Why Some Car Insurance Companies Offer a Federal Employees Discount


When a car insurance company determines what your car insurance rate will be, it typically reviews an extensive range of factors to determine their risk for insuring you.

In most cases, federal employees must pass an extensive background check before qualifying for a job.

This background check may be much more rigorous than the review that a car insurance company does.

Car insurance companies understand that federal employees have already been well-vetted, and this is one of the reasons why they offer federal employees a discount or better rates.

While exposure to risk is one factor that they consider, service is another factor that comes into consideration with some providers. Some auto insurance companies also offer federal employees a discount to honor their service to the country.

While federal employees are paid workers, they also are actively participating in the operation of the government on a daily basis.

– Who qualifies for a federal employees discount?

If you work for the federal government, you may qualify for a discount regardless of the branch that you are in.

Everyone from an administrative assistant at a federal tax office to a judge in a federal court building may qualify for special rates or discounts as a federal worker.

Most car insurance companies do not limit this discount or pricing based on the branch that you work in or the type of work that you do for the government.

However, there may be requirements based on your employment status as a federal worker. For example, if you are a contract worker rather than a full-time, salaried employee, you may not qualify for this discount or special pricing through some car insurance providers.

– What other factors determine car insurance rates?

You want to take advantage of every opportunity available to save money on your car insurance policy, but remember that the federal employees discount available through select car insurance providers is just one of many factors that will determine your premium.

Your qualifying factors, as well as your ability to obtain other discounts, will affect the total premium payment you make for car insurance.

Car insurance companies review multiple factors to arrive at a premium rate for each driver they insure. Some of these factors include:

Drivers can save $859/yr* by comparing car insurance

*based on a survey of 1,000 car insurance customers

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– Are there other car insurance discounts?

There are more than three dozen unique car insurance discounts that are available through different providers. However, only some discounts are available through select providers.

More than that, each provider has a unique qualification system and pricing process for the auto insurance discounts that they offer.

With this in mind, you can see that the providers that you request quotes from can play a major role in the types and amounts of discounts that you qualify for.

A few of the other car insurance discounts that drivers may qualify for include:

  • A discount for military service
  • A multi-vehicle or multi-driver discount
  • A safe driving discount
  • A discount for safety equipment in your vehicle

Determining If Federal Employees Need Additional Car Insurance


Many people use their vehicle to commute back and forth to work in, but some employees use their vehicle for work purposes on a daily basis. For example, as a federal worker, you may be required to use your car to complete your regular work tasks and responsibilities.

In some cases, your state may dictate the need to purchase a commercial or business policy rather than a personal insurance policy.

– Do you need a business or commercial policy?

Each state has unique requirements for business or commercial insurance. A common requirement is if the vehicle is used mostly for business purposes other than commuting to and from an office or worksite.

Another common requirement relates to transporting passengers in the vehicle for work purposes. Take time to learn more about your state’s requirements for business or commercial insurance to see if these requirements relate to you.

– What are the legal requirements for car insurance

All drivers are required to purchase a minimum amount of car insurance per state law. Most of these legal requirements pertain to liability insurance, but they may also vary based on how you use your car as well as by the state you live in.

The penalties for not being insured properly can be severe and vary by location. Therefore, all drivers should spend time reviewing state insurance requirements and ensuring that their current coverage complies with the minimum requirement.

Remember that some car lenders may have additional requirements for you to meet, and some drivers will purchase optional coverage beyond what is required by law or by their lender to take advantage of additional benefits.

For example, one type of additional coverage that you could consider is a reimbursement for a rental car.

Car Insurance Companies that Offer a Federal Employees Discount


If you have decided to take advantage of a potential discount available through some providers for being a federal employee, you may be wondering which car insurance companies offer this discount.

You may consider asking your coworkers or manager for information about potential car insurance discounts available. You can also use the Internet to research federal employee discounts or special pricing available.

– Why does financial strength matter?

Your decision about which car insurance company to use should not be based solely on the availability of a federal employee discount or special rates. While you want to save money on car insurance, it is most important to find a reputable provider that is financially secure.

The financial strength of the auto insurance company that you choose to buy coverage from may play a critical role in how fast and easy it is for you to settle a claim in the future.

– How can you learn about customer satisfaction ratings?

Customer satisfaction ratings are equally important when you are selecting a car insurance company to buy coverage from.

After you make a list of financially secure car insurance providers that offer special rates or discounts to federal employees, take the additional step of learning more about their customer satisfaction ratings.

You can ask friends and co-workers for their feedback, and you can also read reviews online.

Buying Car Insurance When You Get a New Job


If you have recently started working in a new position for the federal government, you may be eager to start taking advantage of some of the many excellent benefits that are typically associated with government jobs.

Remember that you may also qualify for special car insurance rates or a federal employee discount because of your new job.

Now is a great time to shop around and compare rates for car insurance, but keep in mind that you should also compare rates every six months to identify the best pricing possible. Enter your zip code below to compare rates right now.

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