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Will insurance cover hitting a pole?

Share Tweet Pin +1 Perhaps you were backing up at the bank and forgot about the nearby pole or maybe you pulled into the fast food drive-thru lane at the wrong angle. Worse yet, maybe you spun out on some ice and hit a utility pole near the road. Whatever the case, your vehicle now […]

Is auto insurance tax deductible for self-employed?

Self-employed individuals often have a strong desire to keep expenses as low as possible. After all, expenses can eat into your bottom line and reduce your overall net profit. Some expenses that you may incur as a self-employed professional are tax deductible, and this means that they can offset the amount of taxes you are […]

How will buying car insurance help you?

There is a wide range of insurance products that consumers can purchase, and these products are generally designed to help you offset expenses related to different scenarios and events. However, with many types of insurance that you could buy, coverage is optional, and it is up to the consumer to determine if it is worthwhile […]

How many auto insurance claims is too many?

Many drivers have heard that their car insurance policy may be canceled or their insurance rates may increase if they file several claims within a short period of time. However, friends and family who share this advice or wisdom with you may not know exactly how many claims is too many and within what period […]

How much insurance do I need for my financed car?

When you buy your very first car, you’ll probably scrape together money and save your paychecks until you can pay cash for an older vehicle on the private market. If you’re lucky, your parents might even match your savings so that you can get a better car. If you drove when you were still in […]

If I wreck someone else’s car, does my insurance cover it?

Every once in a while, you’ll find yourself borrowing someone else’s car for one reason or another. Maybe you have taken your vehicle to the repair shop and you need a means of transport in the meantime, or you are going for a family road trip and need a bigger car. Whatever it is, the […]

Can I transfer my car insurance to another person?

Car insurance coverage is designed to protect motorists from financial liability risks as well as exposure to significant expenses in the event of a car accident, vehicle theft, and other similar types of issues. Most states require drivers to maintain coverage at all times, and violation of these laws can result in severe penalties in […]

What age can you buy car insurance?

In many states, young drivers are required to show proof of auto insurance before obtaining a driver’s license, and proof of coverage may be required each time you renew your license. Even when not required at these times, drivers should be properly insured before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle at any time. With […]

What details do I need to get car insurance?

Shopping for car insurance might seem like a time-consuming, complex task. However, if you know what details and documents you need, getting accurate insurance quotes becomes simple. We will walk you through everything you have to prepare before starting to look for auto insurance. Nowadays, it’s easier to compare policies online than to make the […]

What does 25/50/10 auto insurance mean?

Auto insurance laws vary by state. While there are a few states that have unique auto insurance laws, a majority of the states in the nation have some sort of mandatory insurance law in place that makes carrying motor vehicle liability insurance a requirement as opposed to a choice. Since carrying liability coverage is compulsory, […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save