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Things to know...
  • You need to have proof of insurance for a driver’s exam
  • If you are driving your parents’ car, you should be covered
  • If you borrow a friend’s car, check their insurance coverage first

When the time comes to get your driver’s license, there is a lot of excitement and anticipation. You have prepared yourself to go and take the test, pass it with flying colors. What may not be on the top of your mind, though, is auto insurance.

When you get behind the wheel of that car at the registry of motor vehicles or wherever you take the driving exam, you need to be insured.

How can you be sure that you have the coverage that is necessary? What has to be proven on your part before the test begins?

The biggest thing to remember as a driver taking a test for his or her driver’s license is that it all falls on you.

It is up to you to be sure that you have adequate insurance before the exam begins. Needs will vary based on the car that you drive for the exam, as that will be the driving force behind documentation needs.

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What documentation is needed for the driving test?

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No matter what car you are driving during the driver’s licensing exam, proper documentation is needed!

  • What exactly will that documentation be?
  • What are the requirements that you are going to have to abide by?
  • What is known as proof of auto insurance?

Evidence of car insurance can come in a few different forms, but this is a document that is going to have to be prepared and displayed in one fashion or another.

You can’t take any DMV driver’s licensing exam in any state without first proving that you are covered to drive the car you will use for the exam.

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What if you drive your parents’ car?

When you drive the car owned by your parents for a driver’s license test, you do not need your insurance. You are automatically going to be covered to drive the parents’ vehicle.

If you live in the home with your parents and you are taking a driver’s license exam, the insurance that they have is going to extend to you.

When they escort you to the DMV, they’ll have to show their insurance card to the representative. You’ll be able to use their car for the driving portion of your exam without having your own coverage.

However, once you get your license, you’ll have to be added to their policy or get your own before you can drive on the open road.

What if you borrow a car for the test?


Things are going to get a bit more tricky when you are using a car that you have borrowed from someone. You may have a friend come with you for the exam and will be using their vehicle. What if you drive a borrowed car?

The policy that your friend has could potentially extend to you, but it is going to be determined by the language of the policy and carrier itself. Before you take a friend’s car out for a driver’s license exam, do your homework.

Check out that car insurance policy to see if they have the appropriate coverage in place.

Your friend will have to bring along their insurance ID card as well, so make sure they don’t forget anything at home!

What else do you need to remember on driving test day?

There are going to be some other documentation requirements that you want to think about on the morning of the exam. You want to have with you proof of scheduled appointment, as well as the vehicle itself you will be using. Here are some other things you’ll need:

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Taking a driving test should be an exciting day. You want to have all of your ducks in a row before you get to the DMV so that you are ready to go, without hesitation. Auto insurance is something that you are going to have to wrap your head around.

Whether you are driving your parents’ car, friend’s car, or some other vehicle, be sure you are adequately covered. If you or anyone else needs insurance, shop the market for price comparisons! Just enter your zip code below to begin shopping today!

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