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When it comes to buying affordable car insurance women drivers certainly benefit from cheaper car insurance quotes. Women drivers are statistically proven to be safer drivers and, as a result, represent a lower risk to insure by car insurance companies. Why do women get better car insurance rate? Simply by being involved in less car accidents and traffic violations as studies by various agencies. Since car insurance companies based individuals on how much risk they pose to file a future claim middle aged female drivers offer the least amount of risk as a whole. This isn’t to say that they won’t be susceptible to higher premiums or as high of a policy as some men, but on average women drivers qualify for cheaper car insurance rates.

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The Statistics

Although there’s as good of a chance for a woman to get into an accident then a man, more men are involved in fatal accidents then women. However, fewer women drive as well but for those that do drive, they offer safer driving practices as a whole then men do. If you’re a female driver looking for car insurance it’s very possible to get your car insurance lowered or have discounts offered to you just for being female. Although you will never see advertisements for this, most car insurance companies offer lower insurance rates for women, regardless of how inexperienced or experienced of a driver they may be.

Who has the cheapest car insurance rates for Women Drivers?

Women haven’t always been able to beat their stereotypes when it comes to being behind the wheel. In fact, women are often on the receiving end of a joke, as the mindless, talking-on-their-cell-phone driver who is likely to run you over if you’re not careful. How true is this stereotype? For some it may be close to the truth but as a whole, if it were true would car insurance companies not rate women drivers as a higher risk? The truth is, as a group women are safer drivers with lower premium rates than men but as individuals they can be reckless and scattered brained. So what gives? It’s true that many women just like men use their cell phone or text message when driving, but so do men. Men however are more likely to get involved with head on collisions due to speedy driving while women are more likely to be involved with slow collisions. The results lead car insurance companies to view women as slower and safer drivers which put them at less risk for fatalities, minor and major accidents of all kinds.

Confidence on the Road

One factor that could lead men to drive faster and more recklessly on the road could be due to a confidence that many women don’t have. Although women are prone to be being distracted on the road such as answering a phone call while driving, texting while driving or multitasking, men are more prone to be overly confident about their driving skills than women. When men consider themselves to be above average drivers, this could pose a problem by taking more risks than women, which ultimately lead to a higher risk on the road should as traffic violations and at-fault accidents.

What kind of driver are you? Do you take risks? Do you fall into the category of being a multi-tasking driver as opposed to a cautious one? No matter whether you are a female or male driver, the road conditions of your driving environment are similar and if you want to practice safe driving, it is well worth it. Womens car insurance rates not only consider what gender you are, but your driving record as well. The longer you practice safe driving whether you are a female or male on the road, the better your car insurance rates will be.

Are you a Women Driver needing Car Insurance?

If you are a safe and cautious female driver with a clean driving record, there is a good chance you can lower your current policy or find a new one by switching to a different company.  Spend the time comparing car insurance quotes, and ask what discounts they give for loyal customers or “preferred customers”. Preferred customers are drivers who have a driving record free of DUI’s, major accidents and/or reckless behavior.  Get started today and compare car insurance quotes from car insurance companies nationwide. Simply enter your ZIP code above to compare womens car insurance rates today!

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