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Do parking tickets increase car insurance rates?

Without diplomatic immunity no driver is immune to parking tickets and very few people can claim they have never received any kind of parking violation. While some of us accept the $25 fine and move on others stress about how a parking ticket will affect their car insurance rates.

“The good news is parking tickets DO NOT affect car insurance rates”

The bad news if you do not pay a parking ticket right away the fine could severely increase and your drivers license and/or vehicle registration may be automatically suspended without notice in many States. Young drivers with already high car insurance premiums really not to pay attention to parking tickets as fines can often double or triple if not paid within a very short period of time – from 5 to 15 days depending on where you live.

Why do parking tickets not affect car insurance rates?

Car insurance premiums are based on the future risk of a driver filing a claim and no data supports the theory that drivers who get parking tickets warrant any kind of more risk than drivers who do not. While moving violations such as running a red light, driving under the influence and excessive speeding all contribute to a higher risk forgetting to put 25 cents in the meter does not.

The only traffic violations which affect car insurance premiums (outside of moving violations) are items like failure to wear a seatbelt, violating motorcycle helmet laws or other items which obviously lead to a potentially higher claim in the event of an accident.

It’s also important to note that all car insurance companies measure risk different but at the moment we know of no car insurer who penalizes a policyholder for getting 1 or 10 parking tickets.

How long do I have to pay a parking ticket?

You should always pay parking tickets as soon as possible. The consequences of not paying parking ticket may seem light on the surface but in fact any failure to pay can have serious repercussions. If a parking ticket is not paid within the given timeframe then the local government may have laws which automatically suspend your vehicle registration until the ticket is paid.

Now – if you are driving with an expired registration it’s a whole other ballgame and if pulled over you could face much heavier fines including loss of your vehicle until the registration is renewed and all of a sudden, you do have a moving violation on your driving record which will affect your car insurance premiums.

Essentially you’re $25 parking ticket can become a very expensive headache overnight so always pay parking tickets on time.

Where do I pay parking tickets?

Almost all municipalities in America have laws requiring law enforcement to provide written notice of when and where to pay the fine at the time of ticketing. However if you did not receive notice then simply call the county police department where you received the ticket and they can surely put you in touch with the right department.

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