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Things to know...
  • Persons with disability can safely drive by adding adaptive equipment or make modifications to their vehicles
  • Many auto insurance companies across the United States will provide coverage for people with disabilities as long as they are licensed and their vehicles are registered
  • Due to the modifications to their vehicles, persons with disabilities have always faced higher auto insurance rates and a smaller choice of insurers
  • Before you make any financial commitments with an insurer, check the policy carefully to make sure that everything you need is covered

Persons with disability make up 19 percent of the American population — that’s about 57 million US citizens ranging from veterans to Hollywood celebrities.

One in every five people in the US, according to the broad definition of disability, is physically or cognitively disabled.

But disability is not inability, and a vast majority of individuals with a disability still go on with their day-to-day activities and are productive members of the society.

If you are a person with a disability, you still have to go to work, drop your kids at school, and attend to pressing matters.

Thanks to advancements in technology, persons with disability can add adaptive equipment or make modifications to their cars and drive safely.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers tips on modifications and purchasing cars to improve the driving experience for people with disabilities.

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Car Insurance for Persons with Disabilities


In the past, it wasn’t easy for disabled persons to purchase car insurance. Auto insurance providers were not willing to sell coverage to drivers with disabilities.

However, that has since changed, and the biggest challenge to purchasing car insurance for disabled persons is the high rates.

According to the 1990 Americans with Disability Act, applying price discrimination by gender, race, or disability is against the law.

As a result, auto insurance providers charge high rates on the basis of the modifications done on the vehicles. The services offered vary from one provider to the next, and so do prices.

Therefore, it’s possible to obtain cheaper rates if you compare quotes from various providers before you purchase. When it comes to auto insurance for the disabled, comparison shopping can go a long way towards obtaining better coverage at a more affordable price.

Drivers can save $859/yr* by comparing car insurance

*based on a survey of 1,000 car insurance customers

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How will the auto insurance company know that I’m disabled?

When getting a quote, at no point during the process that you will be asked if you are disabled. The company will find out eventually, probably due to the modifications on your vehicle or your medical records.

When looking for competitive auto insurance rates, make sure that you disclose all the modifications in your car. The auto insurance provider has the right to deny coverage or charge higher rates if modification information is withheld.

How are auto insurance rates for people with disability determined?


Challenges present themselves when it comes to paying for auto insurance coverage. On average, drivers with disabilities pay over $1,000 on car insurance per year, that’s a lot higher than other people pay for car insurance.

But how do insurers arrive at these prices? Price discrimination based on gender, race, and disability is unlawful, and all auto insurance companies know and adhere to the law.

Then why the price difference? Well, auto insurance rates will still vary among drivers on the basis of these factors. 

The reason for this difference is that auto insurers determine rates based on statistical data. Statistical information will coincide with these factors most of the time.

Extra Coverages

For instance, male drivers tend to get involved in more accidents than their female counterparts, and as a result, they will pay more in premiums.

But statistical data doesn’t have much to do with the high auto insurance rates paid by drivers with disabilities.

Auto insurance providers charge disabled persons higher auto insurance rates because their policies have more coverages.

On top of that, vehicles for disabled persons come with special modifications. Auto insurance providers class these adjustments as “any other modification.”

Disabled persons can get lower auto insurance prices by shopping around when looking to buy coverage. Go online and compare as many quotes as you can for a chance to reduce your auto insurance rates drastically.

What are some of the coverages available?


Vehicles for people with disabilities are highly customized and modified, and as a result, you may need to purchase additional coverage to cover those customizations and equipment.

If some of the customizations and modifications are not covered, the claim will be paid partially. Here are some of the coverages you should consider:

  • Equipment insurance – Your medical equipment (oxygen tank, walker, wheelchair, etc.) are covered under your homeowner’s coverage, as a rule. This equipment, however, spends a great deal of time in your car, and if they are damaged in an accident, you won’t receive compensation. Equipment insurance will protect you from such losses.
  • Mobility insurance – After an accident, as your vehicle is being repaired, the insurance company will provide a rental car for you. However, the rental car may not have all the features you need. Mobility insurance coverage ensures that you have access to a taxi for transport purposes.
  • Adaptation coverage – Typically, an auto insurance policy isn’t required to for aftermarket modifications or upgrades; it’s only required to restore the vehicle to its factory condition. Adaptation coverage pays for the installation of these features.

Check with your insurer and read through the policy carefully to make sure that your needs are met. If not, ask for supplemental coverages such those described above.

Your auto insurance provider will offer these coverage options as long as you disclose the modifications to your car. If you have any issues with your insurance company, get in touch with the National Disability Rights Network (NDRT) for assistance.

When looking to purchase auto insurance products, don’t buy from the first provider you come across.

Compare quotes from various auto insurance companies before you settle for one. Comparison shopping is your best option for securing affordable coverage that meets all your needs. Enter your zip code below to begin comparing right now.

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