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Direct Auto Insurance

What is Direct Auto Insurance? This depends on who you speak with but essentially direct car insurance is when you obtain car insurance from an auto insurance company direct bypassing any kind of car insurance broker.

Is Direct Auto Insurance Popular?

Yes. Very much in fact. As the internet has grown in usage and more and more consumers leverage the comparison power of the internet to compare car insurance companies. Direct auto insurance is a heavy priority for auto insurance companies. Gone are the days when market share is determined by how many drivers a company can get to walk in an agent’s door or convince car insurance brokers to send customers their way. Drivers are now flooding to car insurance comparison websites and visiting car insurance companies direct to learn about coverage and compare auto insurance rates. Direct car insurance has never been so popular for many consumers and the reasons can many times be measured in dollars.

“Progressive car insurance for example provides a $50 discount to consumers for buying car insurance online instead of calling a toll free number or visiting an agent”

Direct car insurance will never fully replace the market for local car insurance agents it may not be too long until all car insurance is offered online and agents simply become customer service reps handling policy claims. Whatever the future is for direct auto insurance it is more popular than ever before and a much more convenient way to purchase auto insurance.

Who offers Direct Car Insurance?

Practically all car insurance companies offer car insurance coverage direct. In fact, one of the largest advertising budgets in the world belong to car insurance companies with the top 2 providers spending over $1 Billion annually. Almost anytime you end up at the homepage of a car insurance company’s website you can purchase a policy or call their toll free number and buy coverage over the phone.

Companies like Esurance even have no presence offline and still have millions of policyholders nationwide. With the cost of traditional media increasing and the poor tracking ability of how well TV, Radio and Newspapers advertising converts we will see more and more car insurance companies shift advertising dollars online.

Direct car insurance may not be for every driver however. There certainly are some consumers who still prefer to deal with brokers and shop around but with the amount of information online it really only takes a few moments to compare car insurance.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save