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Comparison Market is a destination for drivers to compare car insurance rates from multiple providers and although the company likes to call itself America’s Online Auto Insurance Agency the company is more of a publisher of insurance information with advertising tied in to the website than a direct auto insurance company.

It’s actually very hard to find any information on auto insurance products offered by Comparison Market and consumers usually end up simply getting matched with results from national database of car insurance companies such as Geico, Allstate and Progressive.

Comparison Market Advantages

The good thing about Comparison Market is they have been online since 2001 and certainly have a wealth of information online about car insurance. While it seems to be practically impossible to purchase car insurance direct you can still use their resources to learn about auto insurance.

Consumers can also quickly locate car insurance companies through a ZIP code search although this feature is certainly not uncommon online.

Comparison Market Disadvantages

Since Comparison Market seems to be more of a publisher of information and not a direct auto insurance company its difficult to even provide a review on anything but the company’s website. Although the company website does provide a lot of information on auto insurance its also extremely difficult to navigate and with almost 10 years’ experience online you would think the company could have developed a more intuitive and user friendly website but they simply have not.

Why do People use Comparison Market?

We are not sure if a lot of people really do use Comparison Market and if they do its quite likely they just get some basic information and move on to a car insurance company’s website which offers information in a warmer environment. Of course you can always learn something from visiting almost any website but due to the lack of a friendly navigational structure and no sign of any competitive advantage it doesn’t seem to be the best logical destination for any driver to visit.

How to Compare Car Insurance

A good car insurance comparison search starts with knowledge and while some sites certainly provide information to help explain how car insurance works your time is probably much better spent visiting sites who offer direct quotes. Some of the most important things to understand before shopping for auto insurance include:

  • Minimum Insurance Requirements
  • How Policy Deductibles Work
  • What are the different types of insurance?
  • What is Liability Insurance?

Purchasing the right car insurance policy means finding a combination of affordable rates and policy coverage. Before committing to any policy its important to understand the answers to these questions and more. We can help with our auto insurance guide and if you cant find the answer to a question always Google the terms and look for trusted websites who provide a reasonable explanation.

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