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In a nutshell...
  • Look at specialized car insurance companies and discuss your classic car insurance options for the best options
  • Classic car insurance rates will depend on your vehicle
  • Classic car insurance is a big purchase and one where you need a car insurance company with knowledge of the classic car market

Classic car insurance is a specialized niche of the car insurance industry, and if you own any classic or collector car, then you need a car insurance company who understands your needs.

Your automobile is both an investment and a source of pride so choosing the right auto insurer should be a big part of your automobile ownership plans.

The best car insurance company will always depend on your profile, but the largest classic car insurance company in America is the Hagerty Insurance Group who insures many of the world’s vintage automobiles.

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What is a classic car?

A classic car is mostly an antique, vintage or unique vehicle.

Whether it’s a 1969 Ford Mustang, a Rolls Royce from the 1950’s or a Chevy Studebaker owning a classic car is an excellent asset to any car collection.

The Classic Car Club of America has two standard definitions to help people define older cars:

  • Classic Car – Vehicle between 20 and 45 years
  • Antique Cars – Vehicles aged over 45 years

Classic cars can range from a few thousand to millions of dollars, but a typical car insurance policy will hardly ever satisfy the needs of any classic car owner.

From replacement cost to premiums, classic car owners are more concerned about protecting the value of their vehicle vs. liability insurance.

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How much is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance rates will depend on your vehicle. In contrast to traditional insurance, much more weight is given to the car itself then you as a driver.

One of the most significant factors in getting the best classic car insurance rates is how the vehicle is stored. If the car is not stored in a garage or other type of enclosed area, then you may never get an auto insurance policy.

Replacement value is the highest concern for most classic car owners and how the vehicle is stored provides a great insight into how the car will be maintained and the replacement value preserved.

Choosing an auto insurance provider based on a quirky smile or funny commercial is never a right decision and certainly not for any prized classic or antique vehicle.

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