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Car insurance is a highly competitive market and one where just 2 of the top auto insurance companies collectively spend over a BILLION dollars a year in advertising. Drivers are exposed to a wealth of advertisements offering cheap car insurance so how do you choose a car insurance company?

Who is the Cheapest Car Insurance Company?

While many surveys try and predict the best auto insurance company almost none will ever tell you who the cheapest car insurer is. First, no insurance company wants to be branded as cheap and secondly there is no way to lump all insurers in a profile that fits every individual.

Every driver is different and even the formula for risk varies from one car insurance company to another. While you still may see advertisements for the cheapest car insurance this claim is probably based on a fraction of data which may not not apply to you (think of the fine print – not the headline).

How can I find Cheap Car Insurance?

The search for the best car insurance policy should be approached just as if you were buying a new car. A good car insurance comparison search will allow you to compare car insurance companies, policy coverage and premiums. Most drivers tend to start an auto insurance comparison search online but it’s also highly advisable you understand the types of coverage well ahead of comparing policies. Even the smallest detail can make a policy worthless in the event of an accident so comparison is only good when you are comparing policies of equal coverage.

How to Get the Best Car Insurance Rates? – Start with Education

Before starting the journey of car insurance comparison it’s wise to take a few moments and start learning about the details of a policy. Many drivers reading this probably simply send a check in every month to an insurance company without ever really knowing exactly how much they are covered or even if the provider is available on weekends to discuss a claim. Some of the points you really should understand before comparing auto insurance quotes are:

  • Types of Coverage
  • Policy Limits
  • Minimum State Requirements
  • Do you live in a No-Fault car insurance State?
  • What Discounts can you qualify for?

Once you have a base of knowledge about car insurance then make a list of your needs in a car insurer including intangible factors such as customer service hours, online account management and local agents then take everything you know and compare policies only of equal coverage. If a policy deductible is higher on one or coverage limits less on another contact the insurance company who provided the quote and ask them to resend a new quote so all potential policies are equal.

Remember that cheap car insurance is not just the premiums you pay but quite likely also the amount of coverage you are purchasing. Never risk your personal assets and financial security by choosing a policy based solely on premiums. Focus on a combination of affordable rates and reliable coverage.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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