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What is cheap car insurance? Who has the cheapest car insurance quotes? How much car insurance do I need? Who is the best car insurance company?

These are just a few of the questions drivers ask themselves when searching for auto insurance and choosing a car insurance company can often be challenging. After all, how many ads do you see promoting switching car insurance companies can save you $400, $500 or more? Who really does have the best rates?

Find Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Cheap car insurance is certainly something you want to find. Overpaying for premiums or choosing a policy without sufficient coverage is much more common than you think. Many drivers still only compare car insurance policies by premiums and while it’s true that smart consumers spend time searching for the cheapest prices available auto insurance is a little more complicated than simply comparing rates.

Should I always choose the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes?

If you truly have spent time comparing car insurance companies and narrowed your policy options down to policies of equal coverage from comparable providers then here is no harm in choosing the cheapest car insurance quotes. However the difference between buying car insurance and an iPod is the value of any auto insurance policy is determined by (a) the details of coverage and (b) the company issuing the coverage. The smallest details can often leave you underinsured in the event of an accident or with no coverage at all so it’s critical you leave price comparison to the very last decision while you compare policy details equally.

How should I compare car insurance quotes?

Obviously price is an issue but without understanding how car insurance works it’s impossible to find the best policy. When searching for cheap car insurance always pay attention to the following things when comparing potential providers well before considering any policy based on its premiums.

Types of Coverage

Make sure any potential car insurance policies you are comparing all have the same coverage especially in liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. This includes the policy limits and deductibles as a change in either of these can drastically reduce your premiums (and your coverage) so the cheapest car insurance quote may be a result of having less coverage and not just a better rate from someone else.

Provider Reputation

Is car insurance through a well-known recognized brand such as Allstate, Geico or Nationwide worth more than “Jill and Joe’s Auto Insurance CO.”? Sometimes the premium brands will be a little more expensive however you can rest assured they have the financial resources to cover a claim in the event of almost any accident. Sometimes you need to balance the benefit of paying a little more for this reputation and sometimes they may even have better rates. The most important thing to remember is never assume someone who sells car insurance is automatically going to be there in the event of a claim. Make sure you find a provider with a reputation you can trust.


Are you receiving the same car insurance discounts on each quote provided? Although many discounts vary from one provider to another most car insurance companies offer discounts for good drivers, multi-policy discounts, vehicle safety ratings and more. Learn about the many types of car insurance discounts available and make sure any quotes you compare reflect the maximum number of discounts you are eligible for.

Having the ability to compare auto insurance equally to find the cheapest car insurance quotes can sometimes take a little research. You need to spend time learning about the different types of insurance, how policy deductibles work, what discounts are available and more. However forming a knowledge base on car insurance can pay for itself year after year since auto insurance is one expense which will most likely never go away.

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