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Car insurance for women drivers is typically cheaper than car insurance for male drivers but how cheap is car insurance for a woman driver? Do women drivers always pay less than men and how do you find the best car insurance rates?

Car insurance premiums are based on risk and women just happen to be the lucky gender when it comes to statistics. Car insurance companies certainly can not discriminate solely based on gender on America but they can adjust premiums based on statistics and statistics show women are involved in less accidents then men.

Comparing application profiles with all things equally women will almost always get lower rates although its never safe to always assume a woman will get cheaper car insurance rates since premiums are calculated from analyzing many variables. Some of the most important factors used to determine auto insurance premiums include:

  • Type of Vehicle Insured
  • How the car will be used
  • Driving Record of the Insured
  • Credit scores
  • Where you live
  • How many drivers in the household
  • and more

When a women driver applies for car insurance they will be treated the same as a male and every aspect of the application analyzed. Should any variable fall into a higher risk category the premiums will be adjusted accordingly.

Who has cheap car insurance for women drivers?

While women drivers certainly enjoy lower rates than men any search for cheap car insurance rates based on your profile as a “woman driver” will probably lead you on a goose chase. The fact that you are a woman driver simply provides you a cheaper base no matter where you go. It’s almost like looking for an insurer who is going to give you a better rate since you are a good driver. There is no auto insurer out there providing insanely cheap insurance just to good drivers – almost all of the insurers provide a good driver discount as its only one variable in a long list of items which determine premiums.

The best thing you can do is compare car insurance companies and learn about coverage. The more you know about insurance the better you can understand policy options and the more companies you compare the more options you can choose from.

Who is the best Car Insurance Company for Women Drivers?

Any search for auto insurance should contain three objectives and not a single focus on finding the best provider based on your gender. Take away the fact there is no best insurance company for women drivers (or male drivers) then you can focus on the main objectives which are:

Find a Reputable provider

Car insurance is more than a bill. You need a reliable provider who will be there to assist with a claim and financially competent to pay any claims which result from damages and/or litigation.

Good Coverage

Moist state minimum car insurance requirements are way too low for most drivers so you need to understand the types of coverage available and build a policy which represents sufficient coverage for you and your family.

Affordable Premiums

Obviously you want to keep the cost of premiums to a minimum but never just opt for the cheapest premiums. Find a balance between coverage and provider quality.

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