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Cheap Auto Insurance for Women

Is cheap auto insurance for women really possible – Have you not heard the jokes about women drivers? Well we can say with almost great certainty these jokes must have been created by men as statistics show women are indeed much safer drivers then men.

Car insurance companies base car insurance rates on risk and when anyone is considered a lower risk of filing a claim they will benefit from lower car insurance rates. When it comes to comparing drivers of different sexes women almost always win with lower car insurance rates.

Both car insurance companies and independent groups like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) compile and analyze a wealth of data through various reports to forecast the gender risk element. In 2009 The IISH concluded that men:

  • Drive More than Women
  • Engage in riskier driving then Women
  • Have more severe crashes than Women

In short, the risk of a woman driving a vehicle has less statistically quantifiable risk than a male driver given the same car, same driving record and same overall application profile.

Male drivers also tend to commit more auto related crimes than women drivers and even the simple task of passing a drivers license test women drivers excel far more then men the first time around.

Car Insurance Rates for Women are Lower because…

Women are safer drivers statistically. There is no bonus or discount given simply based on gender. In fact it would be discriminatory to selectively apply lower car insurance rates for women solely based on gender. The reason for lower car insurance rate for women is due to research proving a lower potential risk of a woman fling a claim vs. a man. If these statistics change you will be sure to see women drivers’ car insurance rates increase.

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