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Things to know...
  • You may save money on a three-month car insurance policy by paying the premium amount in full
  • A short-term auto policy may renew automatically to prevent a lapse in coverage
  • Auto discounts may apply to coverage with a three-month term to help you save money on your premium

Car insurance is a veritable necessity for most drivers. While it offers financial protection against losses related to car accidents, thefts, and other types of expensive events, coverage is also usually required by law in most states.

In fact, some states may revoke your license or the vehicle’s registration if you fail to keep it properly insured in accordance with state minimum requirements at all times.

When you are shopping for new auto coverage, you can choose a desirable term length for your coverage.

Six months is a common term length for car insurance, and some companies do not offer another term length option. However, some drivers prefer a shorter term for coverage, and three months is one option available through specific providers.

Before you buy a three-month car insurance policy, you should review a few important factors.

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Determine If a Three-Month Auto Coverage Term Is Right for You


It can be expensive and costly for your coverage to lapse. After all, if you are involved in an accident without coverage or if law enforcement determines that your coverage is no longer active, you may face considerable expenses and fees as well as potential legal consequences.

You may think that your coverage would be more likely to lapse if you choose a short term, but this is not necessarily the case.

In fact, you may be able to enjoy substantial benefits without an increased risk of lapsed coverage when you choose to buy auto insurance with a three-month term.

– Coverage That Automatically Renews

Most insurance companies will renew a policy in good standing automatically, so you will not have to worry about dealing with a possible lapse in coverage. However, at the time your coverage renews, your premium amount may change.

Furthermore, insurance companies may review your driving history and other details more frequently with a short-term policy, and this could have a positive or a negative effect on your coverage based on different circumstances.

– Save Money By Paying Your Premium in Full

One of the more common reasons why drivers opt for a three-month policy rather than a longer term of coverage relates to the discount associated with paying your premium in full.

Many, but not all, providers offer a small discount to drivers who pay their premium in full upon each renewable because there are fewer administrative costs associated with a one-time payment in comparison to monthly payments.

Many drivers find it more affordable to pay the full premium amount when the policy’s term is only three months long as opposed to six or 12 months long.

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– Choose Desirable Coverage Options

The insurance policy’s term length is not the only factor to consider when you are thinking about buying a new insurance policy. You also must determine which coverage types and limits you want to buy. The most common insurance coverage types include:

There are other types of coverage that you can consider buying as well, and your insurance agent can provide you with more information about coverage options when you request a quote.

While some options may be beneficial to you, others may offer limited or no substantial benefits.

To simplify the rate comparison process, always request quotes for similar coverage types and amounts when you are shopping around online with different providers.

– Choose a Reputable Insurance Provider

You can easily use the Internet to determine which providers offer their customers a three-month term length if this is important to you, but there are other steps you should take to narrow down your provider options before requesting a quote.

For example, the insurance companies that you contact to obtain quotes from should have a great reputation for delivering friendly customer service and for resolving claims quickly. They also should be financially secure, and you can complete research in these areas online.

Use Discounts to Save Money on Car Insurance


Saving money on car insurance is a top goal for most drivers regardless of the term length.

Paying for the entire three-month term premium in full is one way to save money on the coverage you need, but there are other options to consider as well.

You may qualify for a wide range of auto insurance discounts available from different providers, and some of the common discounts available through many providers include:

  • A good student discount
  • A retiree or senior citizen discount
  • A safe driver or good driving record discount
  • Safety features discounts

While the names of discounts available through different car insurance companies may be similar, the qualifications may differ. For example, you may qualify for a safe driver discount with one insurance company and not with others.

Requesting multiple quotes is a great way to determine which provider’s discounts are most advantageous for you.

– Other Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Getting a discount or two from your provider and paying your premium in full at each renewal date are only a few of the ways to save money on your coverage. Other ideas that you can consider include:

  • Increasing your deductible
  • Improving your driving record
  • Improving your credit rating
  • Shopping online to compare rates
  • Driving a vehicle that is more affordable to insure
  • Adjusting coverage types and discounts

Shop for New Car Insurance Rates at Each Renewal Period


Insurance rates fluctuate periodically, and the insurer that offers the lowest rates today may not offer the best deal a few months from now. A three-month term length on your auto insurance policy is a great way to remember to shop around for new rates periodically.

Even if you do not shop for a better deal on car insurance every three months, you should make an effort to do so at least once or twice per year for the best results.

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