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Car Insurance Comparison

What is car insurance comparison and how do you compare car insurance companies equally?

The goal of most consumers who start a car insurance comparison search is to find the best car insurance company for their unique needs. However how do you compare car insurance quotes?  It’s actually very important to understand this since no single insurance company can be the best provider for all people and that is why a car insurance comparison search is critical to anyone searching for auto insurance coverage.

Without comparing auto insurance providers you are likely missing out on the best rates and limiting yourself only to well known brands or companies referred by family members and friends. Since the number of licensed car insurance companies exceed well over 100 in many states its critical you employ a car insurance comparison strategy when looking for coverage. This will not only help educate you about the details of auto insurance but also possibly save you money.

What are the most important details to compare?

Your first thought will most likely be to compare who has the cheapest car insurance quotes (rates) but this is only one factor in the search for car insurance. It is very important to compare potential policies by more than just premiums. Car insurance coverage is critically important to the financial security of your family and many times cheap car insurance policies provide only the bare minimum of policy coverage (which is not recommended by most financial advisors – especially for drivers with spouses and/or children). Anytime you search for a car insurance policy here are some important things to compare:

1.  Types of Coverage

Most states only require liability insurance which is coverage that protects injuries or damages sustained by other people, vehicles and/or property. This form of insurance does not cover any injuries sustained by you including both medical expenses and vehicular damage. All states require are for drivers to have insurance to protect other people. When considering car insurance policies you need to look at what types of coverage you are getting for the amount of premiums being charged. Sometimes cheap car insurance quotes are nothing more than just basic state minimum auto insurance requirements so on the outside it looks good (since the premiums are cheap) but inside you almost have no or little coverage. Learn about comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, GAP car insurance, rental car reimbursement and all the types of auto insurance here. Once you decide what kind of coverage you need then you can move on to policy limits and deductibles.

2.  Policy limits

How much coverage are you being offered? Many times cheap car insurance quotes often have much lower policy limits which are very minor in respect to the potential cost of an accident. Imagine choosing a car insurance policy because you received a cheap car insurance quote of $10 less than other providers but when an accident occurs you find out that the car insurance company only has you insured for $10,000 in damages and are personally liable for the rest?

This happens all the time and its exactly why you not only need to learn about car insurance but also make sure you are comparing all details of potential policies equally before choosing a final company to insure with.

3.  Deductibles

How much are your deductibles? For many drivers this is really a non-issue but for some its important to have a low out of pocket cost in the event of an accident. Most car insurance policies come standard with $250 deductibles but one thing you should learn is to never assume anything when it comes to insurance coverage. Sometimes a company will quote a $1,000 deductible and try to catch you with lower rates however in the event of an accident you have to come up with $1,000 before the insurance company will pay out. This is a hard blow to many people and you need to be aware of what your responsibilities are before choosing a car insurer.

4.  Company Factors

Part of choosing a car insurer outside of cheap car insurance quotes is the company’s reputation for claims processing and customer service. You really need an auto insurance company you can trust to be there in the event of a claim. Some consumers may also require such features as 24/7 customer service, online account management and more. Make a list of everything outside of the coverage itself and add these items to your car insurance comparison checklist before starting your search.

You also view some tips for cheap car insurance, a car insurance comparison chart of many of the top insurers, a national map of what states have cheap car insurance, a guide to car insurance by make and model and even random questions such as “will car insurance cover a child seat” within our site. While car insurance is mandatory it doesn’t mean you have to pay expensive premiums so browse around, learn and compare when the time is right.

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